Art Lovers

Enjoy a day out at Lakeside full of creativity and inspiration with free exhibitions and installations all year round.

An ideal art-lover day? Take a nice stroll around the lake, and enjoy Sit With Us For a Moment and Remember. As you sit at one of the art benches, why not have a go at sketching or photographing the lovely lake? Stroll some more until you reach Eurydice Prevails, then head towards the gallery to enjoy the current Angear Visitor Centre and Djanogly Gallery exhibitions. Enjoy a coffee in the Gallery Café, and admire the artworks on the café walls. 

Djanogly Art Gallery 

Enjoy visual art exhibitions and more in our Djanogly Gallery. Our light, bright and largest gallery exhibits artworks from all around the world.  It’s a great place to sit and sketch, or talk to our wonderful front-of-house team about the works on display.

Find out what’s on in the gallery.

Wallner Gallery 

Filled with child-friendly art and installations, this space is the perfect place to bring some whimsy into your life.  

Angear Visitor Centre 

Enjoy the work of Nottingham-based artists in the Angear Visitor Centre.  

Eurydice Prevails

This monumental piece of outdoor art – located next to the DH Lawrence Pavilion – was created in 2019 by internationally renowned artist Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva.

To create this work, Elpida used two dead Elm trees and placed them upside down so their roots could reach the sky. The two Elms were originally sustainably sourced from University Park Campus and a Gloucestershire estate, having been felled due to poor health. Elpida worked with University students, staff and members of the public to make the work. They used the ancient Japanese process of Yakisugi, a method of wood preservation achieved through the charring of the surface.  

The trees were then overlaid with decorative metallic motifs that trace the tunnels created by Elm bark beetles. In this work, Elpida has imagined a rewriting of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. In her version of events the heroine, unlike in the ancient Greek legend, successfully escapes Hades despite Orpheus’ backward glance. 

Dedicated to the memory of Lady Carol Djanogly.
Long-standing friend and philanthropist to the University of Nottingham and Lakeside Arts. 

Sit With Us For a Moment and Remember 

On benches around the lake, you will find QR codes which link to audio clips. These clips are inspired by the beautiful park and images from the University archives. This original audio experience invites you to walk around the lake and sit at four dedicated benches. At these benches you can listen to each track for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter and take in the view. 

Serenity Garden 

Located at the opposite side of the lake to Lakeside Arts, you’ll find the peaceful serenity garden. The garden was created by Forever Stars as part of an ongoing project to support bereaved families after the loss of a baby. The two sculptures; the Fallen Acorn and the Forever Star are a focal point for families as they are able to add their baby’s names and date of birth to the sculptures.

A place of inspiration 

We encourage everyone to embrace their creativity whilst visiting us. Pick up a pencil, a paintbrush or a camera and capture what inspires you. Some of our favourite spots are:  

  • The lake.
    Our iconic buildings.
    The Lions overlooked by the clocktower of the Trent Building.

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