At Lakeside, we believe in the power of art to inspire, uplift, and connect us all. But behind every captivating performance, exhibition, and workshop lies a simple truth: we need you.

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Donations are Lakeside’s lifeblood. They fuel our mission to bring exceptional experiences to our audiences. Whether you’re a seasoned supporter or discovering us anew, your contribution ensures our doors stay open, and our programmes flourish.

Join us on our journey to enrich lives through art. Your generosity welcomes new friends to share in the joy and wonder of the arts. Those that benefit the most are children and families from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Grass interspersed with daisies, a winding path and a small tree just coming into lead dominate the foreground. Children playing in Highfields Park, an ice cream van and Lakeside Arts' DH Lawrence Pavilion are in the background. A bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds is overhead.


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