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  • Art Investigator Max Loading...
    Take Part & Learn

    Art Investigator Max

    Saturday 01 December - Saturday 30 March

    Creative Saturday afternoons at Djanogly Gallery. Whatever your age or ability  come along to AIM as an Art Investigator to enjoy the exhibitions and take part in related arts and crafts activities led by University of Nottingham students.

  • Sylva Loading...
    Special Collections


    Friday 14 December - Sunday 07 April

    Foresters and felons, poets and poachers, discover the unusual tales of Nottinghamshire’s woodlands and the people who have worked, lived and been inspired by them.

  • Yiyuan Tang Art Shake Loading...

    Yiyuan Tang Art Shake

    Saturday 12 January - Sunday 17 February

    UK Young Artists City Takeover will immerse Nottingham in an array of  extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work from 200 artists from across the globe.

  • Things from Home Loading...

    Things from Home

    Saturday 12 January - Sunday 17 February

    A project by Lakeside artist-in-residence Katrin Moye investigating our special relationship with objects of personal significance. 

  • Secrets of the Hidden North Loading...

    Secrets of the Hidden North

    Thursday 07 February - Wednesday 13 February

    Lena Peters is a ceramist whose works play with folkloric narratives. Her interest in folklore, mythology, history and nature results in a work that dances between the real and unreal, creating illustrative objects which work to embody her storytelling.

  • The Critical Collective - It’s a Wise Child Loading...

    The Critical Collective - It’s a Wise Child

    Monday 11 February

    Realising her little sister’s issues may be genuine rather than melodrama after being asked the impossible, wannabe actress Rita begrudgingly takes a more unorthodox approach to avoid Rosa’s imminent emotional breakdown.

  • Chiara Giardi - Corporeal Realities Loading...

    Chiara Giardi - Corporeal Realities

    Monday 11 February

    Corporeal realities is a drawing performance which wanders in time and space. It is the artist’s journey of self-reflection. 

  • Dimitris Chimonas & Enact Theatre - Date Time Location Loading...

    Dimitris Chimonas & Enact Theatre - Date Time Location

    Monday 11 February

    One body of work consisting of 13 performances, in 13 different locations around sunset time.