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  • Working Class Hero & The Devil You Know Loading...

    Working Class Hero & The Devil You Know

    Tuesday 25 September - Wednesday 26 September

    Edinburgh Festival Double Bill presented by The Nottingham New Theatre.

  • Henry Box Brown Loading...

    Henry Box Brown

    Friday 28 September

    For a week in May 1854, Nottingham audiences flocked to hear of one man's extraordinary escape from slavery to freedom. Henry 'Box' Brown – a formerly enslaved African American – wrote himself into the history books when he posted himself in a box.

  • Henry Normal: Nature V Human Nature Loading...

    Henry Normal: Nature V Human Nature

    Saturday 29 September

    Henry employs his normal mix of poetry, true stories and daft jokes on an adventure to find our place in this apparent chaos. 

  • The Fishermen Loading...

    The Fishermen

    Thursday 04 October - Friday 05 October

    In a small Nigerian town, Ben and Obembe, along with their two older brothers, slip away to fish at a forbidden river. Unnoticed and carefree, they continue until one day the prophecy of a madman changes the course of their lives forever.

  • Sleepyhead Loading...


    Sunday 07 October

    It’s been a long day for Dad and he can hardly keep his eyes open. All he wants is for Baby to go to sleep so he can catch up on a little shut-eye too.

  • Robin Ince's Chaos of Delight Loading...

    Robin Ince's Chaos of Delight

    Thursday 11 October

    Robin Ince mashes up the two cultures of art and science in this celebration of the human mind from Bohemians to Black Holes, Dali to DNA, another of his stand up sort of lectures.

  • Maison Foo: A Thing Mislaid Loading...

    Maison Foo: A Thing Mislaid

    Saturday 20 October

    Somewhere, on a nowhere road, just past adrift and before you reach astray, you’ll find two lost souls. Running. Running with a thing. A thing mislaid. A thing without a flock, looking for a place to belong.

  • The Snow Queen Loading...

    The Snow Queen

    Sunday 21 October

    Kai and Gerda had been friends for as long as they could remember. Day followed day, always the same, until in a whirl of magic and deception, splinters of a magical broken mirror blow in the wind, freezing hearts and changing everything!

  • The Musicians of Bremen Loading...

    The Musicians of Bremen

    Sunday 28 October

    This stunning, non-verbal, visual adventure uses puppetry, movement, trapeze, and live music to tell the traditional tale of four animals put to pasture: a donkey; a cat; a cockerel and a dog.

  • Dr Phil Hammond: Happy Birthday NHS? Loading...

    Dr Phil Hammond: Happy Birthday NHS?

    Monday 29 October - Tuesday 30 October

    Nye Bevan's beautiful baby is 70 this year, but will she make a ton? A decade of austerity with a Brexit cherry on top has brought her to her knees.

  • The Knot Loading...

    The Knot

    Tuesday 06 November

    You’re invited to a completely different wedding celebration where the bride, groom, best man and bridesmaids are world-class dancers and audience members are the wedding guests.

  • Stroke Odysseys Loading...

    Stroke Odysseys

    Thursday 08 November

    This new production by award-winning choreographer Ben Duke and composer Orlando Gough is commissioned by Rosetta Life – a charity that changes the way we perceive the frail and disabled.