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  • Art Investigator Max Loading...
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    Art Investigator Max

    Saturday 06 April - Saturday 25 May

    Creative Saturday afternoons at Djanogly Gallery. 

  • Ancient Craft: Frame Baskets Loading...
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    Ancient Craft: Frame Baskets

    Saturday 27 April

    Ancient methods of making baskets involve making a hoop and ribs from stout twigs and weaving them to form a shell or shield-shaped basket. 

  • Nottinghamshire Young Archaeologist Club Loading...
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    Nottinghamshire Young Archaeologist Club

    Saturday 27 April - Saturday 20 July

    If you are aged 8 to 16 years and enjoy History and Archaeology, join our Young Archaeologists Club.

  • Workshop: Stencil Monoprints Loading...
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    Workshop: Stencil Monoprints

    Sunday 12 May

    Create stencilled monoprints of abstract forms and overlapping colour in this workshop inspired by the Homage to the Bauhaus exhibition.

  • Grand Designs, Mini Models Loading...
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    Grand Designs, Mini Models

    Tuesday 28 May

    Imagine being an architect! Have a look at the Bauhaus exhibition and then design a stylish home.

  • Bauhaus Your City Loading...
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    Bauhaus Your City

    Tuesday 28 May

    Find out about Bauhaus principles of design in the Homage to the Bauhaus exhibition and then make your own Bauhaus-inspired model home for contemporary Nottingham. 

  • Workshop: Stretched Fibres Loading...
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    Workshop: Stretched Fibres

    Sunday 23 June

    Taking ideas from Laura McCafferty’s vibrant exhibition in the Angear Visitor Centre, work with the artist to rip apart and sew together colourful textiles. 

  • Ancient Craft: Create with Copper Loading...
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    Ancient Craft: Create with Copper

    Saturday 29 June

    Led by Melissa Montague, this workshop is a great introduction to working with copper. 

  • Summer School: Create a Play in a Week Loading...
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    Summer School: Create a Play in a Week

    Monday 05 August - Friday 09 August

    Retell the story of Persephone and her banishment to the underworld, in a new and dark explanation of why England is permanently suffering from an incurable condition known as weather. 

  • Summer School: Highfields Loading...
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    Summer School: Highfields

    Tuesday 13 August - Thursday 15 August

    Discover more about Highfields Park including its wildlife, history and people.

  • Summer School: Wrap Loading...
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    Summer School: Wrap

    Monday 19 August - Friday 23 August

    Camouflage, capes and curtains – these are some of the textile creations young eople will be making.