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Find theatre, classical & chamber music, world, folk & jazz gigs, live comedy, dance performances, children's shows, free talks and workshops, as well as our visual art exhibitions and museum programme below.

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  • Art Investigator Max Loading...
    Children & Families

    Art Investigator Max

    Saturday 06 April - Saturday 25 May

    Creative Saturday afternoons at Djanogly Gallery. 

  • Nottinghamshire Young Archaeologist Club Loading...
    Children & Families

    Nottinghamshire Young Archaeologist Club

    Saturday 27 April - Saturday 20 July

    If you are aged 8 to 16 years and enjoy History and Archaeology, join our Young Archaeologists Club.

  • The Flying Bath Loading...
    Children & Families

    The Flying Bath

    Sunday 26 May

    When everyone has left the house in the morning, the bath toys spring into action and head off on exciting adventures in their magical flying bath! 

  • Woodland Loading...
    Children & Families


    Sunday 26 May - Sunday 02 June

    We’ve invited cartoonist Billy Partridge to create an outline landscape on the walls of the Wallner Gallery inspired by our green parkland surroundings and our partners the Woodland Trust. 

  • Luminarium Loading...
    Children & Families


    Monday 27 May - Sunday 02 June

    Following more than 8,000 visitors to Architects of Air’s Katena in October, we’re thrilled to welcome back our favourite Nottingham-based internationally renowned company to Wheee! 

  • Grand Designs, Mini Models Loading...
    Children & Families

    Grand Designs, Mini Models

    Tuesday 28 May

    Imagine being an architect! Have a look at the Bauhaus exhibition and then design a stylish home.

  • Bauhaus Your City Loading...
    Children & Families

    Bauhaus Your City

    Tuesday 28 May

    Find out about Bauhaus principles of design in the Homage to the Bauhaus exhibition and then make your own Bauhaus-inspired model home for contemporary Nottingham. 

  • Wheee! On Tour: Strange Creatures Loading...
    Children & Families

    Wheee! On Tour: Strange Creatures

    Tuesday 28 May - Saturday 08 June

    MishMash Productions returns to Nottingham after enchanting little ones last autumn with Smile, winning them the Best Family Welcome award at the 2018 Fantastic for Families Awards. 

  • Half-term Heraldry Loading...
    Children & Families

    Half-term Heraldry

    Wednesday 29 May

    Design your own coat of arms like a medieval knight.

  • Wheee! Free Family Weekend Loading...
    Children & Families

    Wheee! Free Family Weekend

    Saturday 01 June - Sunday 02 June

    Join us for fantastic free entertainment from fabulous artists drawn from
    across the UK.

  • Wonder: A Community Event to Amaze and Inspire Loading...
    Children & Families

    Wonder: A Community Event to Amaze and Inspire

    Saturday 15 June

    The University of Nottingham is throwing open its doors to curious minds for a day of hands-on fun. 

  • Summer School: Create a Play in a Week Loading...
    Children & Families

    Summer School: Create a Play in a Week

    Monday 05 August - Friday 09 August

    Retell the story of Persephone and her banishment to the underworld, in a new and dark explanation of why England is permanently suffering from an incurable condition known as weather.