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  • Art Investigator Max Loading...
    Children & Families

    Art Investigator Max

    Saturday 01 December - Saturday 30 March

    Creative Saturday afternoons at Djanogly Gallery. Whatever your age or ability  come along to AIM as an Art Investigator to enjoy the exhibitions and take part in related arts and crafts activities led by University of Nottingham students.

  • Red Riding Hood Loading...
    Children & Families

    Red Riding Hood

    Monday 10 December - Sunday 30 December

    Once upon a time there was a young girl who went to spend the night at Grandma’s house … and her little brother came too. She just wanted to go to sleep but he was excited and wouldn’t settle down.

  • Christmas Installation Loading...
    Children & Families

    Christmas Installation

    Monday 10 December - Sunday 30 December

    Before and after watching our Christmas production, Red Riding Hood, enjoy a magical digital installation by Barret Hodgson supported with artwork from our partners in schools.

  • The Little Gift Loading...
    Children & Families

    The Little Gift

    Sunday 20 January

    An old soul lives alone.
    He likes it that way.
    It’s quieter and safer.
    One day, a surprise visitor plants a little seed of hope and turns this lonely life upside down.

  • If All The World Was Paper Loading...
    Children & Families

    If All The World Was Paper

    Saturday 16 February - Sunday 17 February

    Frank and George are best friends who are also painter and decorators, but they don't always see eye to eye. Frank likes things ‘just so.’ George tends to be a bit more ‘that’ll do.’

  • Super Food Super Heroes? Loading...
    Children & Families

    Super Food Super Heroes?

    Tuesday 19 February

    Carve and sculpt fruits and vegetables to create your own edible superfood heroes, then see if they can power an LED light.

  • Drawing Energy Loading...
    Children & Families

    Drawing Energy

    Tuesday 19 February

    In this workshop you’ll be able to draw to noisy rhythmic music, alongside some very peaceful and sotto voce mark-making.

  • Out of this World Loading...
    Children & Families

    Out of this World

    Wednesday 20 February

    See the night sky and navigate through the constellations inside the wonderful world of Inflativerse, the University of Nottingham’s inflatable planetarium.

  • Create Your Own Woodland Creature Loading...
    Children & Families

    Create Your Own Woodland Creature

    Thursday 21 February

    Let your imagination go wild and create your own craft creatures inspired by the parkland around Lakeside.

  • Campus Photography Loading...
    Children & Families

    Campus Photography

    Thursday 21 February

    Join Photographer Jon Legge to explore Highfields Park and University Park Campus. 

  • Monoprints for Beginners Loading...
    Children & Families

    Monoprints for Beginners

    Friday 22 February

    Join us to learn about various approaches including stencilling and colour blending, and then mass produce your own creations.

  • CANCELLED: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Loading...
    Children & Families

    CANCELLED: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Saturday 23 February - Sunday 24 February

    Three chairs, three bowls of porridge, three beds… Make yourself at home!