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  • Family Saturdays Loading...
    Children & Families

    Family Saturdays

    Saturday 28 September - Saturday 07 December

    Whatever your age or ability come along to these creative afternoons.

  • The Snow Dragon Loading...
    Children & Families

    The Snow Dragon

    Thursday 28 November - Tuesday 31 December

    Billy has everything a young goat could need – and more besides. On New Year’s Eve, Billy is looking forward to the annual visit of the legendary Snow Dragon, who will bring him even more goodies...

  • Reynard the Fox Loading...
    Children & Families

    Reynard the Fox

    Sunday 26 January

    Reynard the Fox is the infamous scoundrel who prides himself on being the trickster of the forest, and when the theft of the King’s Crown Jewels is announced, the animal kingdom immediately blames the fox! 

  • Stella and the Starshiners Loading...
    Children & Families

    Stella and the Starshiners

    Sunday 02 February

    In a secret place at the top of the world stands the tallest mountain. On the peak of the mountain sits a tiny village. In the centre of the village leans the tallest ladder. At the bottom of the ladder is Stella and Stella is afraid of heights…

  • Comic Book Conversations Loading...
    Children & Families

    Comic Book Conversations

    Saturday 15 February

    Create your own comic book with illustration artist Francis Lowe. Use your own narratives and lived experiences to question the world we live in by creating your own cartoon characters and stories.

  • Chloe and the Colour Catcher Loading...
    Children & Families

    Chloe and the Colour Catcher

    Sunday 16 February

    Chloe lives in a world with only one colour, and it is grey. At night, however, when she’s wrapped up tight, her dreams are colourful and bright. 

  • Build a Cardboard City Loading...
    Children & Families

    Build a Cardboard City

    Tuesday 18 February

    Calling all budding engineers! Using boxes, tape and recycled materials, design and create your own city of the future. Led by Associate Artist Sian Watson.

  • Learn to Sew with Conductive Thread and Circuits Loading...
    Children & Families

    Learn to Sew with Conductive Thread and Circuits

    Wednesday 19 February

    Learn to combine the world of textiles with electronic components to create soft and flexible circuits. 

  • Young Physicist for a Day Loading...
    Children & Families

    Young Physicist for a Day

    Wednesday 19 February

    Become a young physicist for the day. Cover topics from the world of physics, including: energy, forces, gravity, teleportation, wormholes, quantum physics to name a few – this class will be full of discussions, maths, demonstrations and experiments.

  • From Landscape to Monoprint Loading...
    Children & Families

    From Landscape to Monoprint

    Thursday 20 February

    Spend time in the landscape looking at patterns from nature, then move to the studio to learn a range of printing techniques. Create colourful prints inspired by your time in the park.

  • Everyday Life in Roman Margidunum Loading...
    Children & Families

    Everyday Life in Roman Margidunum

    Friday 21 February

    Take part in everyday activities from the Roman period including dressing up, Roman hairstyles and Board Games. 

  • Igloo Loading...
    Children & Families


    Sunday 23 February

    Winter is almost over and it still hasn’t snowed. Sometimes you don’t get what you want, even when you’re made to wait… Sometimes what you end up with is something even better…