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  • Scaling Nottingham's Edges Loading...
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    Scaling Nottingham's Edges

    Sunday 25 March

    Join artist Alison Lloyd for a day of exploratory walking using OS maps of Nottingham.

  • Lake Enders Public Sharing Loading...
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    Lake Enders Public Sharing

    Wednesday 28 March

    Lake Enders is Lakeside’s theatre arts company for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. There are invited public sharings at the end of each term.

  • Science in the Woods Loading...
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    Science in the Woods

    Tuesday 10 April

    Discover the mysterious workings of woodlands and use science to unlock the park's secrets... For ages 8+

  • Camera Obscura Workshops Loading...
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    Camera Obscura Workshops

    Wednesday 11 April

    The camera obscura was the first device to turn the 3D world into a 2D image. Come along and build one of these fascinating devices with photographer Jon Legge. For ages 7-11 and for ages 12-18.

  • Gallery Tour with Nicholas Alfrey: Scaling the Sublime Loading...
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    Gallery Tour with Nicholas Alfrey: Scaling the Sublime

    Thursday 12 April

    Gallery tour of the Scaling the Sublime exhibition.

  • Transformations Loading...
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    Thursday 12 April

    Join artist and musician James E Smith for this experimental workshop responding to the Scaling the Sublime exhibition. For ages 12-18.

  • Paint Your Park: Spring Challenge & Summer Challenge Loading...
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    Paint Your Park: Spring Challenge & Summer Challenge

    Thursday 12 April - Tuesday 31 July

    Do you paint Landscapes for pleasure? Why not come and join us, use Highfields Park as inspiration.

  • Micro to Magnificent Loading...
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    Micro to Magnificent

    Friday 13 April

    Have a look at our Scaling the Sublime exhibition to see how contemporary artists interpret landscape, and then enjoy a hands-on geology session. Suitable for all.

  • Landscape Monoprints Loading...
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    Landscape Monoprints

    Sunday 29 April

    Inspired by our Scaling the Sublime exhibition, you will explore a range of visual possibilities and mark-making within the monoprinting process. 

  • Ceramics Evening Class Loading...
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    Ceramics Evening Class

    Tuesday 01 May - Tuesday 22 May

    Katrin Moye specialises in contemporary decorated slipware and you are invited to join her for this popular four week course to learn about the process. 

  • Workshop: Storyboarding Picture Books Loading...
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    Workshop: Storyboarding Picture Books

    Wednesday 09 May

    Author-illustrator Carol Adlam will take you through the building blocks of creating a picture book for children, focusing on storyboarding and producing thumbnail layouts for your work.

  • Autism Reimagined Loading...
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    Autism Reimagined

    Thursday 24 May

    An exploration of how autistic people perceive, experience, and communicate differently, through art and drama.