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  • Anthem for a Doomed Youth Loading...

    Anthem for a Doomed Youth

    Thursday 15 November

    A powerful compendium of the finest stories and poems of the trenches of the Great War from both sides of no-man’s land. 

  • The Moment Loading...

    The Moment

    Friday 16 November

    The MOMENT is a 'brain controlled' dystopian sci-fi that 'live mixes' three branching stories. Directed by artist and researcher Richard Ramchurn, it uses a Neurosky Headset to detect EEG brainwaves to affect the edit, sound mix and narrative of specially created movie.

  • #JeSuis Loading...


    Tuesday 20 November

    Named in response to the solidarity movement which followed horrific murders at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, #JeSuis is an edgy and thought-provoking work.

  • Snow White Rose Red Bear Brown Loading...

    Snow White Rose Red Bear Brown

    Sunday 25 November

    Snow White and Rose Red – sisters, twins, best friends – have lived in the forest since they were Babes in the Wood. Not as worldly wise as their mother would have liked, they are nonetheless kind and caring. When a friendly bear arrives a new chapter begins.

  • Entanglement! An Entropic Tale Loading...

    Entanglement! An Entropic Tale

    Tuesday 27 November

    Based on current concepts from particle physics, Entanglement! An Entropic Tale is a cosmic exploration of life and death, creation and destruction, and the importance of living life in the present.

  • Red Riding Hood Loading...

    Red Riding Hood

    Monday 10 December - Sunday 30 December

    Once upon a time there was a young girl who went to spend the night at Grandma’s house … and her little brother came too. She just wanted to go to sleep but he was excited and wouldn’t settle down.

  • The Little Gift Loading...

    The Little Gift

    Sunday 20 January

    An old soul lives alone.
    He likes it that way.
    It’s quieter and safer.
    One day, a surprise visitor plants a little seed of hope and turns this lonely life upside down.

  • Going Home Loading...

    Going Home

    Sunday 27 January

    A rehearsed, script-in-hand reading of Nigel McCrery’s first play for the stage. Going Home focuses on the fate of Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, and tells a survivor’s story when he returns to his village in 1945.

  • Nottingham Chinese New Year Gala 2019 Loading...

    Nottingham Chinese New Year Gala 2019

    Saturday 09 February - Sunday 10 February

    A kaleidoscope of fascinating performances by professional artists including Chinese Erhu, Guzheng and Bamboo Flute music, together with spectacular group-coordinated Kung Fu routines.

  • If All The World Was Paper Loading...

    If All The World Was Paper

    Saturday 16 February - Sunday 17 February

    Frank and George are best friends who are also painter and decorators, but they don't always see eye to eye. Frank likes things ‘just so.’ George tends to be a bit more ‘that’ll do.’

  • Epilogues Loading...


    Tuesday 19 February

    Feminists proclaim ‘times up’. Misogynists win presidencies. LGBTQ people front chat shows. Trans people can’t serve. Black Panther smashes box office records. Black men are disproportionately convicted. Are we moving forward? Or hurtling back in time?

  • CANCELLED: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Loading...

    CANCELLED: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Saturday 23 February - Sunday 24 February

    Three chairs, three bowls of porridge, three beds… Make yourself at home!