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  • Keepy Uppy Loading...

    Keepy Uppy

    Sunday 06 May

    Keepy Uppy is a play for the 2018 World Cup year, for football fans, non-football fans, children and families. 

  • Sinergia Loading...


    Tuesday 08 May

    With his personal and innovative approach, which seamlessly blends traditional flamenco palos from tangos to soléa, Liñán brings raw power, determination and artistry that will delight UK audiences.

  • Sunday afternoon with Wendy Cope Loading...

    Sunday afternoon with Wendy Cope

    Sunday 13 May

    The inimitable Wendy Cope will charm and amuse you with her wry, ironic poetry – sharp and punchy, soft and contemplative.

  • 2Magpies Theatre: Last Resort Loading...

    2Magpies Theatre: Last Resort

    Monday 21 May - Tuesday 22 May

    Last Resort is the alternative future for Guantanamo Bay. You’ll sit in a deckchair, you’ll get a rum cocktail on arrival and you’ll feel the sand between your toes.

  • Autism Reimagined Loading...

    Autism Reimagined

    Thursday 24 May

    An exploration of how autistic people perceive, experience, and communicate differently, through art and drama. 

  • Wheee!: The Princess & The Pea Loading...

    Wheee!: The Princess & The Pea

    Monday 28 May - Tuesday 29 May

    A charming and beautifully quirky dance theatre adaptation of this favourite Hans Christian Andersen story by the brilliant Norwegian company Dybwikdans.  

  • Wheee! 2018: Is This A Dagger? Loading...

    Wheee! 2018: Is This A Dagger?

    Friday 01 June

    Andy Cannon retells Shakespeare’s Macbeth, taking audiences on a thousand-year journey from fact to fiction and back again. Suitable for ages 8+

  • Stick by me Loading...

    Stick by me

    Saturday 02 June

    A playful and quirky new show for young children about friendship and play, and the importance of treasuring little things.

  • Silk Road Loading...

    Silk Road

    Tuesday 05 June

    In collaboration with the renowned classical Indian dancer Mavin Khoo, Agudo weaves his Flamenco roots with a unique, contemporary style in this universal and personal story of East meets West.

  • The Snail and the Whale Loading...

    The Snail and the Whale

    Saturday 23 June - Sunday 24 June

    A tiny snail longs to see the world, so she hitches a lift on the tail of a humpback whale. But when the whale gets beached, how will the snail save him?

  • Lake Enders Public Sharing Loading...

    Lake Enders Public Sharing

    Wednesday 27 June

    Lake Enders is Lakeside’s theatre arts company for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. Join us to watch their public sharing at the end of term.

  • Plurality of Abhinaya Loading...

    Plurality of Abhinaya

    Tuesday 03 July

    An exciting new collaboration exploring Abhinaya (the art of expression) through the classical and creative vocabulary of Kathak and Bharatnatyam. Choreographed by Nilima Devi MBE and Anusha Subramanyam.