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  • Decorate a Viking Cup Loading...

    Decorate a Viking Cup

    Tuesday 20 February

    Decorate your own Viking Cup to take home.

  • Viking Inspired Drumming and Percussion Workshop Loading...

    Viking Inspired Drumming and Percussion Workshop

    Wednesday 21 February

    A special, Viking inspired percussion workshop delivered by Mark Evans.

  • Dragon Masks and Bookmarks Loading...

    Dragon Masks and Bookmarks

    Wednesday 21 February

    Make your own dragon mask or dragon bookmark to take home.

  • Viking Kitchen Loading...

    Viking Kitchen

    Thursday 22 February

    Meet our Viking woman as she goes about her business, dramatically telling stories.

  • Make a Viking Shield Loading...

    Make a Viking Shield

    Thursday 22 February

    Create your own wooden shield with runes and knotwork designs.

  • Viking Storytelling Loading...

    Viking Storytelling

    Friday 23 February

    Immerse yourselves in the drama of Viking tales with storyteller Paul Goldsmith as he conjures up vivid images from Norse myths and legends.

  • Ancient Crafts: Viking Embroidery Loading...

    Ancient Crafts: Viking Embroidery

    Saturday 24 February

    Join Tanya Bentham of Threads of Time as she shows you how to make your own piece of beautiful Viking embroidery using traditional methods and techniques.