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  • Nottinghamshire Unearthed: Finds from the Portable Antiquities Scheme Loading...

    Nottinghamshire Unearthed: Finds from the Portable Antiquities Scheme

    Tuesday 02 October - Sunday 03 March

    This exhibition will highlight some of the finds from the county and examine the important contribution they have made to our wider understanding of Nottinghamshire.

  • Art Investigator Max Loading...
    Take Part & Learn

    Art Investigator Max

    Saturday 01 December - Saturday 30 March

    Creative Saturday afternoons at Djanogly Gallery. Whatever your age or ability  come along to AIM as an Art Investigator to enjoy the exhibitions and take part in related arts and crafts activities led by University of Nottingham students.

  • Sylva Loading...
    Special Collections


    Friday 14 December - Sunday 07 April

    Foresters and felons, poets and poachers, discover the unusual tales of Nottinghamshire’s woodlands and the people who have worked, lived and been inspired by them.

  • Yiyuan Tang Art Shake Loading...

    Yiyuan Tang Art Shake

    Saturday 12 January - Sunday 17 February

    UK Young Artists City Takeover will immerse Nottingham in an array of  extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work from 200 artists from across the globe.

  • Things from Home Loading...

    Things from Home

    Saturday 12 January - Sunday 17 February

    A project by Lakeside artist-in-residence Katrin Moye investigating our special relationship with objects of personal significance. 

  • If All The World Were Paper Loading...

    If All The World Were Paper

    Saturday 16 February - Sunday 17 February

    Frank and George are best friends who are also painter and decorators, but they don't always see eye to eye. Frank likes things ‘just so.’ George tends to be a bit more ‘that’ll do.’

  • Medieval Embroidery Loading...
    Take Part & Learn

    Medieval Embroidery

    Saturday 16 February - Saturday 06 April

    Join Tanya Bentham from Threads in Time and learn the techniques of medieval embroidery using authentic naturally dyed threads. 

  • 7th Si Yuan Cup Table Tennis Tournament Loading...
    Special Events

    7th Si Yuan Cup Table Tennis Tournament

    Saturday 16 February

    To celebrate Chinese New Year, table tennis players of all ages and ethnicities – beginners or advanced levels – are welcome to enter the tournament. 

  • Epilogues Loading...


    Tuesday 19 February

    Feminists proclaim ‘times up’. Misogynists win presidencies. LGBTQ people front chat shows. Trans people can’t serve. Black Panther smashes box office records. Black men are disproportionately convicted. Are we moving forward? Or hurtling back in time?

  • Super Food Super Heroes? Loading...
    Children & Families

    Super Food Super Heroes?

    Tuesday 19 February

    Carve and sculpt fruits and vegetables to create your own edible superfood heroes, then see if they can power an LED light.

  • Drawing Energy Loading...
    Children & Families

    Drawing Energy

    Tuesday 19 February

    In this workshop you’ll be able to draw to noisy rhythmic music, alongside some very peaceful and sotto voce mark-making.

  • Out of this World Loading...
    Children & Families

    Out of this World

    Wednesday 20 February

    See the night sky and navigate through the constellations inside the wonderful world of Inflativerse, the University of Nottingham’s inflatable planetarium.