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  • If All The World Were Paper Loading...

    If All The World Were Paper

    Saturday 16 February - Sunday 17 February

    Frank and George are best friends who are also painter and decorators, but they don't always see eye to eye. Frank likes things ‘just so.’ George tends to be a bit more ‘that’ll do.’

  • Epilogues Loading...


    Tuesday 19 February

    Feminists proclaim ‘times up’. Misogynists win presidencies. LGBTQ people front chat shows. Trans people can’t serve. Black Panther smashes box office records. Black men are disproportionately convicted. Are we moving forward? Or hurtling back in time?

  • CANCELLED: Goldilocks and the Three Bears Loading...

    CANCELLED: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Saturday 23 February - Sunday 24 February

    Three chairs, three bowls of porridge, three beds… Make yourself at home!

  • Brothers in Arms: Sexuality, Men and Intimacies in the Great War Loading...

    Brothers in Arms: Sexuality, Men and Intimacies in the Great War

    Tuesday 26 February

    Weaving between family history, war poetry and other archival documents this performance-lecture event will explore the concept of ‘romantic friendships’ amongst the soldiers of the Great War.

  • Strangers on a Train Set Loading...

    Strangers on a Train Set

    Thursday 28 February - Friday 01 March

    Challenging a youth to turn down his music, Irene Sparrow finds herself under suspicion of murder after the train emerges from a tunnel with the young man dead. 

  • Ardal O'Hanlon Loading...

    Ardal O'Hanlon

    Saturday 02 March

    Sometimes thoughtful and sometimes silly, but always punchy, Father Ted star Ardal O'Hanlon has tickled audiences all over the world. 

  • Toolbox Festival Loading...

    Toolbox Festival

    Monday 04 March - Friday 08 March

    An exciting opportunity to see original new theatre devised, written, directed and performed by young artists from Nottingham. 

  • Crimes on the Nile Loading...

    Crimes on the Nile

    Saturday 09 March

    Following 2018’s sell-out smash hit Crimes Under the Sun, multi-award-winning theatre company, New Old Friends, return with another hilariously inventive comedy thriller.

  • There Was an Old lady Who Swallowed a Fly Loading...

    There Was an Old lady Who Swallowed a Fly

    Sunday 10 March

    There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed
    A Fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly...
    But The People’s Theatre Company do!

  • Bess - The Commoner Queen Loading...

    Bess - The Commoner Queen

    Monday 11 March - Tuesday 12 March

    ‘Who’d ‘ave thought, this Derbyshire lass would one day be tab-hanging between two great queens?” 

  • Mark Thomas: Check Up Loading...

    Mark Thomas: Check Up

    Thursday 14 March - Friday 15 March

    Mark Thomas is 54, the NHS is 70, and UK national average life expectancy is 84. If Mark makes it to 84 the NHS will be 100, what will they both look like?

  • WOW! It's Night Time Loading...

    WOW! It's Night Time

    Saturday 16 March - Sunday 17 March

    The curious little owl is back, and this time she’s ready to discover the wonders of night-time, from the big, bright moon to the bats in the sky and the foxes deep in the forest. But where are all the other owls?