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Jan Blake

Exile, Magic & Power

Wednesday 27 October, 6pm
Djanogly Theatre

Theatre & Dance

Pay what you can
(£5 recommended)

30 minutes plus 20 minute Q&A with Jan Blake
Suitable for ages 14+

Commissioned and produced by Adverse Camber

Join world-leading storyteller Jan Blake for a tale like no other. Using the powerful story of Exile, Magic and Power – which is told by griots across West Africa but is rarely heard in the UK – about the legendary 13th Century Malian King Sundiata Keita as the bedrock for the piece, Jan and her team will work together to try out different ideas, technologies and ways of interacting with audiences to forge an exciting new path for Digital Storytelling.

I seek to create work in which music, story and community are seen as a whole and thrive in the moment, bringing together different forms of creative and cultural expression, often from divided perspectives or very different kinds of experience. Integrating a choir into our ensemble, a new development, juxtaposes a pre-slavery story and traditional West African music with gospel, a music that has grown from the slave experience, creating rich cross-cultural explorations.” Jan Blake


Commissioned  and produced  by Adverse Camber. Supported by The Albany and MAC Birmingham, Arts Council England.