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Photograph of ship washed up on sands with mountains and sea in the background


Have you been dreaming of sandy beaches and blue sea? Well Koa was too when she jumped aboard the Huckleberry Voyage of Discovery only to run into some trouble a little bit later on in her journey. Koa's story is part of the production Shipwreck, brought to us by Bamboozle Theatre Company. Bamboozle have been busy creating this exciting online story for you to enjoy with catchy songs, music and creative ideas. Begin by listening to Koa's tale and watch the rest of the story in any order you choose. 

Here's the story of how Koa joined the Huckleberry for a voyage of discovery, only it turned out to be a bad plan... The Huckleberry ship ended up getting shipwrecked! Koa managed to leave the island but watch the video as she tells you the rest of her troublesome tale. Have you got any idea how she managed to leave the island?

Learn about the story of Shipwreck by watching Koa's story first and then watch the others in any order. Dawn Bowden explains more in the introductory video:

Have you watched Koa's tale? How do you think Koa managed to leave the island? What do you think happened?

Email your ideas to Dawn here.