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Multi coloured kite in blue sky and over blue sea


Life has been different for the past few months and it won't be a surprise if you're feeling a little bit worried about going back to school again. We've put together some mindful activities designed to help you relax, reflect, have fun and hopefully bring some calm. See below for age suitability for the different activities.

Clouds gathering across a blue sky


When the weather is nice and its perfectly warm, there is no better day to go outside for some cloud gazing. Enjoy watching the clouds morph, move and journey across the sky, then draw what you see and reflect. You can try this activity whenever you are ever feeling scared, worried or even over excited! See how different the clouds may be on different days. Suitable for ages 5-11.

Step-by-step GUIDE

Children dancing and following taught actions. A group of children stand with back to viewer with arms raised and following teach at front of class.


Did you know that exercise can help us clear our minds and give us positive energy? Start your day with Louise, from our Learning Team, who has created a short and accessible 5 minute warm-up routine for you. Lou will talk through the different moves as you go and you can have a go at switching them with your own moves. Suitable for all ages.

Dance Warm-up with Lou

Two children (boy in blue tshirt on left and girl in blue shirt on right) make a den structure out of wood and sticks in forest


Why not try making a 'Zen Den'? This fun activity has two benefits: 1) You'll have loads of fun making your den, adding special features and sprucing it up so its totally Zen! 2) You can hang out in your den afterwards and relax, play games, read a story, create some drawings, have a nap or simply have some quiet time on your own.

To begin, find a space indoors (or outdoors if you're feeling adventurous), some cushions, pillows, sheets, string lights or snuggly toys and begin constructing and making a cosy, quiet space to relax in. If you're outdoors, ask a grown up to help you decide where would be a good place to make a den. Create a strong frame from an exisiting structure and use either lots of sticks, or sheets that you don't mind getting muddy, and create your outdoor oasis. Once your 'Zen Den' is complete, maybe read a book in there, or do a drawing. You could even try out some of our other activities. Suitable for ages 5+.

Blue, white, red and yellow coloured dots situated as symmetrical artwork. A large circle is positioned in the middle with a small circle on the left and right.


Repeating patterns and creating symmetry can be a really relaxing and mindful activity. Let yourself be mesmerised by patterns, colour and dot work, inspired from the art of some Indigenous Australian people. Follow the step-by-step guide and create some amazing and colourful artwork and enjoy creating either on your own or with friends. Suitable for ages 8-10.

Step-by-step GUIDE