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Lakeside’s varied and high-quality programme bursts with imagination and talent. We are proud that our multi-artform venues attract audiences from far and wide and from all walks of life. We reach over 200,000 people a year and as the University of Nottingham’s public arts and heritage programme, we play a crucial role in helping to deliver the University’s civic agenda.

Our supporters enable us to programme confidently into the future and develop the next generation of artists and arts administrators.

We need your help to source funding which will enable us to deliver those things which are an extension to or development of our programme. Your contribution could help us to deliver new music commissions, the next major art exhibition, encourage new writing for theatre, deliver touring theatre projects to children and families from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, or to bring a school group on A Grand Day Out visit to the Djanogly Gallery, the Museum, and explore the natural surroundings of Highfields Park with our Park Ranger!

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