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An artist rendering of a building with light up circles on it

University of Nottingham Artist in Residence’s inaugural exhibition brings engineering and art together for the first time

Models, maquettes and the first page of a 3D printed book have gone on display at the University of Nottingham’s PEMC building, produced by the university’s Artist in Residence – Jo Fairfax. 
Appointed last year after being selected for his work extracting technological principles and weaving them into art, Jo has worked with members of the group to bring the worlds of engineering and art together, with the aim of cultivating an environment that inspires creativity and aids professional development in engineers.
Jo has since spent time working alongside members of the research group, delivering workshops and talks to help inform his artwork, the concepts of which are now on display in the foyer of the PEMC.
Professor Pat Wheeler, Head of the PEMC Research Group, said:

The main thing I wanted members of the group to take away from their sessions with Jo is that art and engineering aren’t mutually exclusive – in fact both can benefit each other in different ways. From a research perspective, it’s helping us approach things with a slightly different and, importantly, fresh perspective. I’ve been really pleased to see such a vested interest from the group in these early months of Jo’s residency and there have been some fantastic suggestions as a result.”
Three proposals have been made so far as a result of ongoing work between Jo and the group, which have formed the basis of the exhibition: 
A 3D printed book, which will spotlight and celebrate the people behind the research.
Artwork that will be permanently installed in the building foyer, such as interactive 3D wall art or floating ceiling art, which reflects the research taking place in a tangible way.
Sculptured lettering and lighting for the building’s exterior, which will incorporate photovoltaic (PV) panels, giving the building identity and generating energy for the building.
Jo Fairfax, Creative in Residence, said:

To be Artist in Residence at the PEMC has been such a privilege. The research undertaken here is so exciting and inspiring. It is the perfect melting pot to inspire ideas. I am also so taken by the researchers themselves, their individual stories as well as their incredible research. The research and researchers gave me so much to appreciate and celebrate through art.”
Jo’s residency is part of a collaboration with Lakeside Arts and forms part of a wider initiative to immerse creatives into the research taking place at the university. 
James Parkinson, Deputy Chief Executive at Lakeside Arts, said:

It has been an unusual, but thrilling journey. Dropping Jo from a great height into the complex world of power electronics, surrounding him with experts in their field, and understanding and exploring the research that happens within the building. This exhibition is the result of collective conversations and proposes internal and external installations that could inspire and engage visitors to the centre.”
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