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Public lecture in Djanogly Theatre as part of Wonder 2019

Public Engagement with Research

As well as the year round delivery of public engagement with arts, culture and heritage, Lakeside seeks to exchange inspirational ideas and knowledge generated through research with our audiences, visitors and communities.

In partnership with the Institute of Policy and Engagement, we support academics to connect with local people through public lectures, festivals and events.

Sarah Lucas artwork


Organised collaboratively by Arts Council Collection and Lakeside Arts, this informal and engaging day of presentations and discussion sheds light on the important contributions made by women to the field of modern and contemporary British sculpture. It brings together a panel of leading artists, curators and scholars who will share their latest research and thinking with the opportunity to reflect on individual practices, collective breakthroughs and areas ripe for further investigation. Find out more on the Breaking the Mould: Study Day section.

Light shining in dark


The Institute for Policy and Engagement and Lakeside Arts have come together to provide a unique opportunity for researchers. Find out more about this training programme which will give you the unique chance to take control of the stage at Djanogly Theatre.


Trent Building with an exhibition board from The Algae Exhibition in Highfields Park


An open-air exhibition has arrived at Highfields Park showcasing the beauty and global importance of algae, microscopic photography and algae-based research in a collaboration across the University.