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NottNOISE After Hours – Mixed Bill

Sunday 29 November, 9pm
Online Event


Galvanise Ensemble (mixed ensemble):
Duncan MacLeod Metalization of a Dream
Lore Lixenberg BIRD (voice)
James Opsted Shimmer (double bass)
Mariabrice Sapphocatherin Watching Paint Dry (piano and cello)

Primary Music Group (mixed ensemble):
David Jackman Georgia Cries
Frank Abbott Solidarity Countdown

This late-night concert spotlights performances from the NottNOISE new music series we have been running in partnership with nonclassical, which showcases adventurous new music and noise creators from the Midlands.

It kicks off with a performance of University of Nottingham composer Duncan MacLeod’s Metalization of a Dream for the Galvanise Ensemble, which responds to surreal and dada art. The mixed bill also includes new works for voice, double bass, cello and a mixed ensemble work by artists from Primary, Nottingham’s artist-led contemporary visual arts organisation.


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About the artists (click to expand)

Musicians playing against red background

Galvanize Ensemble is an improvisation ensemble of musicians based in Newcastle Upon Tyne and London, run by pianist Kate Halsall. They work with composers, artists, film and text to create installations, radio, cross disciplinary performances & exhibitions. The new works for Happenstance, by Duncan MacLeod, Joanna Ward and Carmel Smickersgill were commissioned by pianist Kate Halsall and been made possible through funding from Arts Council England, PRS for Music Foundation’s Open Creator and RVW Trust. Their new album Shadows is a set of works by the ensemble, for electric guitar, piano and keyboards, voice, percussion and sampling. Performers: Joel Bell (electric guitar), Sarah Dacey (voice), Kate Halsall (piano/keys/harmonium), Phil Maguire (electronics), Stephen Hiscock (percussion).


Singers in black and white singing and overlayed portrait images

Primary Music Group is a flexible ensemble of visual and performance artists and musicians working with scores, performance and sound. We are based at Primary, an artist-led organisation and studios in Nottingham.


Lori Lixenberg photographed outside in a closeup portrait composition

Vocalist and composer Lore Lixenberg is a much in demand performer, who has sung works by a host of contemporary composers often working closely with the composers themselves as well as performing with artists such as Sam Belinfante, Bruce Mclean, Sidworthy, Georgina Starr, ORLAN, Squib Box, and David Toop. Lixenbergs’ own compositions reflect her obsession with organic participatory principles, new technologies and structures found in natural history and and the place of the Bel Canto voice and operatic structure in a world of pluralities and multi-musics. In 2018 she declared her whole life to be “an extension of her voice and singing practice… therefore to be considered an extended vocal”.


James Opsted outside and photographed closeup

James Opstad is a double bass player and composer. Since graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in 2011, he has lived a diverse musical life, increasingly dedicating himself to experimental music. He performs with duck-rabbit and Apartment House and is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Birmingham.


Mariabrice sit at table

Mariabrice Sapphocatherin was born in New Yorkbrussels. It is mostly active in improvisation as a pianistcellist. It met in Huddersfield in 2018, where it lives. It has worked together on various new music works and art performances by Émilie Girard Charest and Outi Condit and also other people. It also collaborated on a visual art project called Edible Series. Mariabrice Sapphocatherin has then been working on a non-piece for any performer playing any instrument and it is called Watching Paint Dry, as well as a number of new art performances for Laurent Estoppey, themselves, and various other people.




University of Nottingham composition lecturer Duncan MacLeod discusses how he brought together visual art and music in his composition for the Galvanise Ensemble.

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