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The Emperor's Robe

Wednesday 31 January - Sunday 31 March
Wallner Gallery


Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm 

Free admission

Stepping into the Year of Dragon, Artist Feng-Ru Lee’s new immersive installation ‘Emperor’s Dragon Robe’ sheds a light on the ancient myths of fascinating Chinese dragons in their infused interpretations. 

Taking inspiration from the dragon robes traditionally worn by emperors throughout Chinese history. Lee unravells the decorative dragon, cloud and water patterns, amongst others that represent supreme and symbolic powers and connections between heaven and earth. Transforming them into deconstructive pieces, inviting the viewers to walk into the new beginning forged from shards of the past. 

Rooted in her Far East Asian cultural background, Lee’s practice explores cross-cultural experiences, with a keen interest in the meeting points of mythology and science, current human conditions under genetic engineering and where fiction and reality are fused. Informed by both Eastern philosophy and Western science to reimagine the transitions between humanities and cultures.    

Lee has exhibited extensively throughout the UK, Taiwan and internationally, including Japan, USA, South Korea, Czech Republic, Italy and Germany. She has undertaken artist in residencies in Jerusalem, Berlin, Seoul and Oslo, she was awarded the Taipei Prize in 2000.