Saad Qureshi

Conversations Before the End of Time

Sat 20 Jan – Sun 14 Apr 2024

Djanogly Gallery

Past exhibition

This exhibition has now ended.

Past exhibition

This exhibition has now ended.

Described as "one of our most pensive and poetic artists" Saad Qureshi in his solo exhibition explores ideas of paradise, religion and mythology.

In creating Something About Paradise, Qureshi travelled around the country talking to people of faith and no faith about what paradise meant to them. The resulting monumental sculptures are ‘mindscapes’ combining elements of landscape and architecture, both urban and rural, as well as pure fantasy. These sculptures portray a paradise of the afterlife with sprawling palaces, and the paradise of the here and now, with quaint communities and treehouses.

Alongside, large paper tapestries (Tanabanas) are grounded in a long family tradition of craft and needlework. They weave intricate motifs from textiles, architecture, and mythology.

Shown for the first time is a series of watercolours: Hell Is Empty. Startling and humorous, these jewel-like drawings imagine the devil as evoked in Islamic theology: a creature of fire, mischief and destruction.

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