Plants & Prayers

Health and Healing Before 1700

Thu 30 Mar – Sun 3 Sep 2023

Weston Gallery

Past exhibition

This exhibition has now ended.

Past exhibition

This exhibition has now ended.

Healing is what makes us human – but concepts of health and methods of healing have changed much over time.

This exhibition explores medicine, care, and healing before 1700 and some of the changes that led to the development of medicine as we know it today. Healthcare in the past was not just the domain of the physician: priests to apothecaries to barbers all provided different forms of care. Medical manuscripts and books tell us about diseases, treatments, the relationship between healer and patient, and the lengths to which people went to find cures.

This exhibition has been jointly curated by University of Nottingham Libraries, Manuscripts and Special Collections and Dr Christina Lee, School of English, University of Nottingham, and Dr Erin Connelly, School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick.

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