Dear Sisters

activists' archives

Thu 21 Mar – Sun 1 Sep 2024

Weston Gallery


Opening times

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 12noon-4pm
Closed Mondays

This Manuscripts and Special Collections exhibition explores the women who fought for personal and civil liberties in their local communities.

Half a century ago, new laws improving the rights of women changed our society for the better. The Equal Pay Act of 1970 and the National Abortion Campaign to protect the Abortion Act 1967, to name but two, were achieved through the organised activism of women taking part in Women’s Liberation, socialist politics, and trade unionism, and with the support of women fighting for personal and civil liberties in their own communities.

This exhibition presents an archive curated by Nottingham-based activists who brought us their personal memories, zines, photographs, posters, papers, campaign badges and T-shirts for safekeeping in Manuscripts and Special Collections. By preserving these living histories, future generations are armed with the knowledge of their struggles. The fight goes on.


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