Children & Families

Architects of Air

LuminiMax: Standard Entry

Sat 25 May – Sun 2 Jun 2024

Luminarium, Highfields Park

Past event

This event has now passed.

Past event

This event has now passed.

Architects of Air are back with an amazing new luminarium!

Standard Entry tickets can be booked for one of the three entry periods each day: 11am-1pm, 1-3pm and 3pm-close, allowing you a bit more flexibility with timings. You can enter the luminarium anytime during the period that you have booked for (so no need to stress if you’re running late!) – we just recommend arriving during the first hour of your entry period.

With these tickets you may have to queue for up to an hour outdoors. There is a play park nearby to help entertain children.

LuminiMax combines smaller luminarium structures (Lumini) to create one magical experience. Explore the beautiful colours and patterns of each inflatable dome in the enormous structure captivating the senses through natural light.


See Last Year's Luminarium: Terceradix

With thanks and acknowledgements to Highfields Park and Nottingham City Council for their continued support of this event.

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