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Swallow's Wings Puppetry

Anansi and the Lost Sun

Sun 21 Apr 2024

Djanogly Theatre

Past event

This event has now passed.

Past event

This event has now passed.

A funny, irreverent and inspiring West African tale told with puppetry, spoken word & traditional live West African music.

One day, darkness covers the face of the land.
Lion appeals for someone to bring back the Sun.
Who will succeed?
The Powerful Eagle?
The Clever Monkey?
or Anansi the spider and his mates?

The Anansi Stories are part of our multicultural heritage. They are from an African Heritage, yet have a universal appeal to all people in modern Britain. Predating slavery, the Anansi stories are humorous, lively, and empowering. These are “community” led stories that travelled with enslaved African people to the Caribbean and beyond, including here in the UK through the cultural contributions of African and Caribbean communities living across the UK.

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