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To mark LGBT+ History Month at the University we want to hear your stories about museum exhibits, photographs or artworks related to an LGBT+ story or issues that have a special meaning for you. These will be selected to curate a virtual exhibition on our website.

Your chosen piece could be the work of an LGBT+ artist/maker or have some other connection to LGBT+ history, or simply be important to your own personal journey – we’d love to hear why you have chosen this artwork or object!

To get your ideas rolling, here is a selection of artworks with LGBT+ histories included in past exhibitions at the Djanogly Gallery:


Untitled (Self Portrait) 1928 by Claude Cohen

Click on the picture to open up a full view that you can zoom in.

Untitled (Self Portrait) 1928 by Claude Cahun/Marcel Moore
Claude Cahun and her life-long partner produced a series of gender-crossing self-portraits that were included in Make life Beautiful: The Dandy in Photography (2004).


Body Builder with Bra by Ajamu X

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Body Builder with Bra by Ajamu X
© the artist Ajamu is a black, queer photographer.
This work was included in the exhibition Typical Men: Photography of the Male Body by Men (2001). 


Chandelier 2001 by Steven Cohen

Click on the picture to open up a full view that you can zoom in.

Chandelier 2001 by Steven Cohen. Photo: John Hogg
© Steven Cohen. Courtesy Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg
Steven Cohen is a radical queer activist and performer from South Africa. This is a still from ‘Chandelier’ filmed in a Johannesburg township that featured in our exhibition Life Less Ordinary (2009).

Do you want to know more about this piece? Discover more about this piece here.


Post an image of the artwork or object you choose to Instagram using the hashtag #MuseumOuting21 with no more than 100 words telling us why you chose it. You can tag us on @LakesideArts and we can share your submissions.

 Alternatively, send your submissions to us via email at:

It’s important that you tell us:

  • the name of your chosen object
  • the artist/maker
  • if you have seen it in an exhibition, the museum or gallery where it is displayed.

We’ll collect your submissions and your chosen artwork or object will be added to our online LGBT+ exhibition.

Please submit your chosen artwork by Friday 26 February 2021 to be considered. ‚Äč



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Part of the University of Nottingham Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Trans (LGBT+) History Month 2021

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