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Eulogy – What are you checking into?

If your idea of visiting the theatre involves sitting in a large auditorium and watching a performance on stage, prepare to have your expectations blown away as Darkfield's EULOGY places you at the centre of the intense narrative.

Please note, this event took place in 2021. 

Following in the footsteps of FLIGHT from February 2020, EULOGY is the latest innovative work drawing on Darkfield’s signature style of complete darkness inside a shipping container. That’s where the similarities end, however, as EULOGY creates a distinct and unique narrative unlike anything experienced before.

This exhilarating ride that deceives the senses invites you to enter into the world of a labyrinthine, atmospheric hotel. Drawing on the concept of ‘virtual reality for the ears’, EULOGY implements advanced creative technology to create an immersive audio experience and capture your audio responses through speech recognition technology. This is where you exercise agency and help determine the outcome of the journey, and feel a greater moral responsibility for what happens in the story.

This unique experience is at the forefront of technology and theatre, but the real beauty lies in the details of the set, which immerses you into the hotel setting from your first step inside the shipping container. At check-in, you will be issued a key card and allocated a chaperone to guide you through various rooms and down corridors inside a luggage carrier. The rest of the experience, we're afraid, must be lived.  A must-see for all thrill-seekers, captivating minds and bringing a unique and unexpected twist on the concept of virtual reality. Be amongst the first in the world to experience EULOGY this autumn.

EULOGY previewed at Lakeside from Wednesday 22 September – Sunday 3 October, and returned from Tuesday 19 – Sunday 31 October 2021.


Perfectly contained and completely absorbing, spine-tingling" The Stage on Darkfield's SÉANCE