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  • Christmas at Lakeside: Beasty Baby Loading...

    Christmas at Lakeside: Beasty Baby

    Tuesday 13 December - Saturday 31 December

    Deep in the forest, in a wintry land, lives a gorgeously grizzly Beasty Baby...

  • Michael Pinchbeck: Concerto Loading...

    Michael Pinchbeck: Concerto

    Thursday 15 December

    Infamous pianist Paul Wittgenstein commissioned Ravel to write him a concerto after he lost is right arm during the First World War.

  • Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom Loading...

    Rapunzel and the Tower of Doom

    Sunday 15 January

    Tangles? Split ends? Frizzy? Flyaway? It's bad enough having a bad hair day but poor Rapunzel spends her life in a tower with some strange woman using her locks as a stepladder.

  • Material Men Redux Loading...

    Material Men Redux

    Tuesday 07 February

    Material Men Redux is a virtuoso piece for two dazzling performers of the Indian diaspora.

  • Dr Phil Hammond Loading...

    Dr Phil Hammond

    Thursday 09 February

    Laugh, love, shout and reclaim our NHS. Ditch the market, cherish the carers, fund the frontline, avoid the harm, kill the fear, tell the truth, use the evidence, inspire, collaborate, recover, die gently. Are you in?

  • Wot? No Fish!! Loading...

    Wot? No Fish!!

    Sunday 12 February

    This nationally and internationally acclaimed performance is the funny and movingly true story of a Jewish family living in 20th century London.

  • The Machine Stops Loading...

    The Machine Stops

    Monday 20 February - Tuesday 21 February

    EM Forster is best known for his exquisite novels, but this short story masterpiece published in 1909 is astoundingly prophetic and poignant today: a chilling prediction and exploration of our increasingly complex relationship with technology.

  • Wow! Said the Owl Loading...

    Wow! Said the Owl

    Saturday 25 February - Sunday 26 February

    Explore the wow-world of colours with this curious little owl who is determined to stay awake to see what the light brings.

  • Rosalind Loading...


    Friday 03 March

    Rising star of the British dance scene James Cousins' latest work is inspired by one of Shakespeare's most headstrong and independent heroines. 

  • 3 Little Pigs Loading...

    3 Little Pigs

    Sunday 05 March

    Building your own home is not actually very easy, the three little pigs discover.

  • Staging Ages Loading...

    Staging Ages

    Thursday 09 March

    Mixing movement and text, Staging Ages covers themes of generational dignity and pride, expectations, prejudices, norms and taboos.

  • Susan Calman: The Calman Before the Storm Loading...

    Susan Calman: The Calman Before the Storm

    Friday 10 March - Saturday 11 March

    Ten years in comedy and Susan Calman's back with a brand new show.