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  • Jo Caulfield Loading...

    Jo Caulfield

    Saturday 22 October

    Award-winning Stand-Up comedian Jo Caulfield takes a humorous look at life’s potential traps, what can go wrong and how to deal with them. 

  • Underneath a Magical Moon Loading...

    Underneath a Magical Moon

    Sunday 23 October

    Fly into a fantastical world of adventure, where time stands still and the impossible seems possible.

  • Fagin's Twist Loading...

    Fagin's Twist

    Tuesday 25 October

    See Dickens’ Oliver Twist in a new light. 

  • Whose Sari Now Loading...

    Whose Sari Now

    Thursday 27 October

    Whose Sari Now? Is the funny and poignant journey of one sari handed down, handed over and handed out to the characters in the play.

  • Alfie White Space Explorer Loading...

    Alfie White Space Explorer

    Sunday 30 October

    It’s 1967 and the space race is on... Alfie White is crazy about space – and his dad is training to be the first man on the moon...

  • George Egg: Anarchist Cook Loading...

    George Egg: Anarchist Cook

    Thursday 03 November

    One man, one hotel room, three courses. If you like food and cooking then you’ll like this. 

  • Opera Cocktail Loading...

    Opera Cocktail

    Friday 04 November

    Classics shaken with wit, stirred with drama and served with a contemporary twist.

  • George Green Goes Home Loading...

    George Green Goes Home

    Friday 04 November

    A rehearsed reading of a short play by Richard Marshall, directed by Martin Berry

  • Michael Symmons Roberts and Alison Moore Loading...

    Michael Symmons Roberts and Alison Moore

    Tuesday 08 November

    Michael Symmons Roberts and Alison Moore come together to share readings of their work, Roberts bringing together collections of poetry and Moore her novels.

  • Stuart Maconie The Pie at Night Loading...

    Stuart Maconie The Pie at Night

    Sunday 20 November

    Writer and broadcaster Stuart Maconie takes you on a nocturnal trip through Britain in search of fun. 

  • From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads Loading...

    From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads

    Tuesday 22 November

    Adrian Berry’s acclaimed Critics Choice production is the tale of a young David Bowie obsessive.

  • Todd Landman Academic Magician - Subversion Loading...

    Todd Landman Academic Magician - Subversion

    Thursday 24 November - Saturday 26 November

    A magical exploration of the ideas that shaped the world with Todd Landman, Academic Magician.