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  • Dinosaurs of China Loading...
    Children & Families

    Dinosaurs of China

    Saturday 01 July - Sunday 29 October

    We're thrilled to welcome the Dilophosaurus and an Alxasaurus to Lakeside as part of a world exclusive exhibition of Feathered dinosaurs.

  • Dino Design Loading...
    Children & Families

    Dino Design

    Saturday 08 July - Sunday 09 July

    Use our virtual design app to bring to life your very own drawings.

  • AIM: Art Investigator Max Loading...
    Children & Families

    AIM: Art Investigator Max

    Thursday 01 December - Friday 31 March

    Creative Saturday afternoons at the Djanogly Gallery for everyone! 

  • Gallery Art Group Loading...
    Children & Families

    Gallery Art Group

    Saturday 25 March - Sunday 31 December

    Gallery Art Group is the place to be if you love art and design! Groups for ages 8 - 18. 

  • Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science Show Loading...
    Children & Families

    Mark Thompson's Spectacular Science Show

    Sunday 02 April

    If you think Science is boring, think again; this is science like you have never seen before. Explore the strange and magical properties of matter with exploding elephant’s toothpaste, vortex generating dustbins, dancing paste, vanishing bea

  • Build a Dino in a Day Loading...
    Children & Families

    Build a Dino in a Day

    Tuesday 04 April

    In advance of our Dinosaurs of China exhibition this summer we will be creating a willow dinosaur scuplture that you and your family will be able to walk into and explore.

  •  The Interlude Loading...
    Children & Families

    The Interlude

    Friday 07 April

    Work in progress: Maison Foo are in the middle of making a new show...THE INTERLUDE....a show about a new place, a place that exists in between where you once belonged, a place faraway, a place unknowable.

  • Easter Holiday Hats Loading...
    Children & Families

    Easter Holiday Hats

    Friday 07 April

    Take on a new identity in this imaginative hat making workshop.

  • Three Loading...
    Children & Families


    Sunday 09 April

    Three singing actors weave together famous tales, which all feature the elusive number three! 

  • Easter Holiday Workshop: Create Your Own Music Machine Loading...
    Children & Families

    Easter Holiday Workshop: Create Your Own Music Machine

    Thursday 13 April

    Wheeze is an interactive portable organ made from recovered materials. The audience play the instrument using wind provided by old vacuum cleaners, bellows, balloons, accordions, and whatever else they might find there on the day.

  • Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes: Workshops For Little Ones Loading...
    Children & Families

    Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes: Workshops For Little Ones

    Thursday 27 April - Thursday 06 July

    Crawl, walk, run, dance, sing, build, explore and discover through these
    fun creative play sessions: a safe space for your toddler to make sense of the world around them.

  • Much Ado About Puffin Loading...
    Children & Families

    Much Ado About Puffin

    Sunday 14 May

    Join Open Attic as they traverse stormy seas and reckless tides to bring you this funny tale about a man all alone, a friendly puffin, and a whole lot of fuss over nothing.