To compliment the exhibition of Elisabeth Frink: The Presence of Sculpture, we have invited five contemporary artists to exhibit their work in our craft cabinets. All the artists have been inspired by figurative sculpture and use a variety of mediums to express. All work is for sale and can also be purchased through the Own Art Scheme.

Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke offers a collection of textile sculptures. Layering scraps of materials and using a limited palette to create fragile, often threadbare textures with hanging threads and raw edges. 

The neutral quality of the linen works as a blank page upon which to apply surface treatments using dye, printing and stitching.

Imperfections illustrate the human hand through an emotive process in an attempt to represent the unique spirit, fragility and character of the animals in their diverse froms and circumstances.

Lauraine Sweeney

Lauraine creates hand built figurative ceramic sculptures using porcelain flax clay, illustrated with black under-glaze drawings and symbols then crackle glazed.

The malleability of clay allows her to craft her interpretations of fantasy and mythology, particularly transformation stories - the Celtic myth of the Morrigan warrior queen who changes into a crow to fly over the battlefields, the selkies, magical seals who shed their skins to become women.

Lauraine works from her studio at home in Huddersfield and from a shared studio in Leeds (part of East Street Arts).

Claire Ireland

Claire produces hand built sculptural ceramics and uses a variety of experimental firing techniques. She creates work ranging from small creatures to large-scale pieces for courtyard gardens, outdoor locations and contemporary living spaces. She utilises a range of hand building methods adapting coils, manipulating soft slabs, pinching and carving the surface to achieve her desired forms. Claire uses stoneware bodies and often porcelain for smaller work. She paints the pieces with engobe, oxides and body stains and fires to 1260 to achieve a weatherproof structure.

She uses her unique studio location at the London Museum of Water and Steam to inspire her work. There she can experiment with smoke firing techniques to achieve an alternative surface, which involves pit and saggar firings using sawdust, copper wire, seaweed and other combustible materials. She will often create a series of small sculptural forms that serve as working maquettes. Her large final pieces interplay three-dimensional form with texture and glaze. An experienced tutor, she specialises in contemporary ways of making. She is a professional member of the Crafts Potters Association and the Society of Designer Craftstmen. 

Agalis Manessi

Born in Corfu Greece and working in Hackney for the past forty years Agalis Manessi’s work lies within the tradition of maiolica. It celebrates this rich historical medium through the diverse influences ranging from the sophistication of Italian Istoriato dishes through to the simplicity of humble folk wares. Subject matter is derived from portraits, figures and animal studies drawn directly from life or inspired by characters from paintings in museum collections; a fusion of the observed and imagined She strives for a poetic mastery through pictorial representation with a freshness of palette that belies the difficulty of the process.


Her work is in many private collections and museums in the UK and abroad, and has been featured in several books. Agalis works to commission and through exhibition.

Marina Bauguil

Marina loves what she does.  Working with clay brings balance to her life.  Her work serves as a vehicle through which to explore her perception of the interconnectedness

between things, particularly seeking where they become harmonious. She draws inspiration from multi-cultural sources and a deep connection with nature in equal measure.

Using a meditative approach when starting a piece, she works intuitively. As in Animism (the belief that natural objects, natural phenomena, and the universe itself possess souls), Marina aims to create pieces filled with breath, spirit and life. Her recent work is best described by the Japanese word Kami “The sacred element or spirit which can be contained in everything, expressed in an awe inspiring way.”


Information for Craft Makers

We are always looking for new craft makers to represent at Lakeside Gallery shop.
Our aim is to offer our customer a diverse range of products and prices made by leading craft makers.
If you would like us to consider your work please send your details including wholesale prices, your stockists, some info about you and lots of good quality images by email to

Your work should be hand-made, although we do consider limited edition or small batch-production objects. 
It must be original in conception and brilliantly made.


Lakeside Gallery shop is the go-to venue for the exhibition and sale of contemporary gifts and crafts. We sell hand-made items alongside design-led gifts and a wide range of books. Come and browse our wide selection of museum and art books, or pick up a unique hand-made gift.

Lakeside Gallery shop is delighted to be part of the Own Art Scheme

The Own Art scheme is designed to make it easy and affordable for everyone to buy contemporary works of art and craft including ceramics, jewellery, glassware, wood and textiles.

You can borrow up to £2,000, or as little as £100, and pay back the loan in 10 monthly instalments - interest free*.

Lakeside Gallery shop showcases and supports artists and makers by providing a retail outlet for their work.
We sell hand-made products by some of the leading makers and aim to sell the best in contemporary craft.

* Typical 0% APR Offer subject to age and status. Terms and conditions apply.
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