Welcome to our Wheee! Inventors' Lab. Roll your sleeves up, get those brain cogs turning and have a go at some of our activities to get you in the mood for our invention-themed Wheee! Free Family Fun Weekend on Sat 4 & Sun 5 June. 

Inventor Extraordinaire, George Orpington the Third cannot wait to show you his latest discovery...

Draw, sculpt, build, paint - create a flying Monster in whatever form you like. There are just 4 rules, your monster must have:

  1. Scaly shoulder
  2. A snaggly tooth
  3. A unicorn horn
  4. The ability to fly - it doesn't have to be wings - one of our monsters has a magical flying pogo stick!

‚ÄčWhen you've finished your invention - ask your adult pals to share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #wheee16 and it could appear here in our Inventor's Gallery below.

Chinese New Year

Inventors' Gallery


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