Lustre 2017 makers

Take a look at who will be exhibiting at Lustre this year Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 November. Guarantee entry by booking your ticket in advance.

  • STUART AKROYD Stuart Akroyd
    Traditional Venetian, Swedish and English techniques are used to create organic glass shapes in vibrant colours.
  • ALEX ALLDAY Alex Allday
    Decorative ceramic ware with distinctive surface pattern details and textures.
  • SARAH ALLEN Sarah Allen
    Handwoven textiles combining traditional processes with contemporary design.
  • DEBBIE BARBER CERAMICS Deborah Barber Ceramics
    Raku-fired, slip-cast or thrown white stoneware decorative birds and bowls.
  • DEE BARNES DESIGNS Dee Barnes Designs
    Gem-like mixed media jewellery inspired by colour, surface pattern and texture.
  • HANNAH BEDFORD Hannah Bedford
    The ancient process of granulation is used to create jewellery exploring the texture and form of organic growth patterns.
  • LAURIE BETH Laurie Beth
    Delicate jewellery made from weaving silver, gold, diamonds and textiles are complemented by miniature slip cast bone china vessels.
  • PETRA BISHAI Petra Bishai
    A combination of non-traditional and established techniques create jewellery inspired by urban life and in particular London.
  • RACHEL BROWN JEWELLERY Rachel Brown Jewellery
    Jewellery exploring mark making and repetitive pattern using the technique of drawing on enamel with a graphite pencil.
  • FRAN BUXTON MIXED MEDIA Fran Buxton Mixed Media
    Found objects, mixed media and textiles create layered and textural wall pieces, jewellery and objet d’art.
  • TAMMY CHILD Tammy Child
    Scarves and accessories made from sumptuous fabrics in an array or rich colours.
  • LANA CRABB Lana Crabb and Karen Lester
    Enamel and silicone combine to create unique body ornaments.
  • KAREN LESTER Karen Lester
    Bone china brooches made using ceramic casting techniques.
  • JO DAVIES CERAMICS Jo Davies Ceramics
    Wheel-thrown porcelain functional objects that marry humour with sophistication.
  • LUBNA DIN AT STUDIO 2QQ Lubna Din at Studio 2QQ
    Mixed media textile art and accessories exploring memories and the rich textile heritage of the Kashmir Valley.
  • CAROLINE DRAPER JEWELLERY Caroline Draper Jewellery
    Jewellery made using pearls and gemstones encapsulated between pierced and laser cut silver reflect the architecture and culture of Rajasthan.
  • RACHEL EARDLEY Racehl Eardley
    Contemporary jewellery made from decommissioned coins, hand-pierced and finished with silver and gold alongside limited edition prints and embroideries.
  • CATHERINE EDWARDS Catherin Edwards
    Leather satchels, day bags and accessories designed with bold shapes using British sourced hides from a small tannery.
  • HARRIET ELKERTON Harriet Elkerton
    Slip-cast porcelain, functional and non-functional vessels, with undulating organic lines.
  • KATY FLETCHER Katy Fletcher
    Found and unwanted objects are transformed by enameling and textiles into wearable objects.
  • KATE GILLILAND JEWELLERY Kate Gillian Jewellery
    Delicate, wearable pieces of natural history reflecting the constant cycle of life and death.
  • MOMOKA GOMI Momoka Gomi
    Scaves and wraps, handwoven in subtle colours, eroded in places to represent the aging process of skin.
  • SARAH GROVE Sarah Grove
    Functional jugs and vases with button and braid details made from pressing porcelain slabs into moulds of quilted, patch-worked textiles.
  • SUSI HINES Susi Hines
    Jewellery inspired by the Renaissance using spherical forms in silver, gold and unusual gemstones.
  • KATE HOLLOWOOD DESIGN Kate Hollowood Design
    Understated contemporary designed sculptural lighting and accessories for the home.
  • JO IRVINE JEWELLERY Jo Irvine Jewellery
    Jewellery that mixes precious metals, minimal shapes, lines and forms with an emphasis on stacking and layering pieces.
  • MARY JOHNSON CERAMICS Mary Johnson Ceramics
    Functional, wheel-thrown earthenware slipware decorated with hand-painted, scraffito and glazed images.
  • GILLY LANGTON Gilly Langton
    The nautical architecture of ropes, buoys and yachts inspires jewellery fabricated form sterling silver and vibrant, colourful hand-dyed elastic.
  • JO LAVELLE JEWELLERY Jo Lavelle Jewellery
    Kinetic, multi-layered, playful jewellery made using precious metals and hand-cut stones.
  • KATHERINE LEES Katherine Lees
    Porcelain vessels decorated by applying coloured slip directly onto a raw clay surface through a silk screen.
  • KATIE LOWE Katie Lowe
    Artworks created using miniature vessels with a simple form and subtle colour gradients.
  • BOLA LYON Gilly Langton
    Textured porcelain and forged silver produce intricate pieces of jewellery that explore notions of anatomy.
  • MORAG MACPHERSON Morag Macpherson
    Limited edition and one-off fabrics, wallpapers and products inspired by diverse cultures and historic periods.
  • MICHAELA MCMILLAN Michaela McMillan
    Unique handmade sculptural objects inside glass domes, made using papier mache, embroidery and collage, depicting characters from imagined tales.
  • LINDA MILLER Linda Miller
    One-off machine embroidered pieces, depicting domestic scenes in colourful settings.
  • KATRIN MOYE Katrin Moye
    Wheel-thrown and hand-built earthenware ceramics with surface decoration, referencing childhood memories and an imagined Scandinavian rural idyll.
  • ALASDAIR NELSON Alasdair Nelson
    Hand-built geodesic forms primarily in porcelain with vibrant, crackle-glazed internal surfaces.
  • CLARE PENTLOW Clare Pentlow
    Complex geometric shapes are combined with intricate hand cutting and layering of paper to create unique pieces of art.
  • THOMAS PETIT GLASS Thomas Petit Glass
    Hand-blown, cold-finished glass inspired by an idea or a memory of a landscape.
  • ANN POVEY Ann Povey
    Handmade and found objects, ceramic and metal are used to create functional and non-functional vessels.
  • NANCY POWER PRINTS Nancy Power Prints
    Varied and eclectic lino prints made by using the ‘reduction’ method of carving away at one block for each consecutive colour.
  • SUE PRYKE Sue Pryke
    Slip-cast, domestic-ware combining functionality with a pared back range of contemporary forms and colour palette.
  • JILLIAN RILEY DESIGNS Jillian Riley Designs
    Old apothecary and scientific bottles are slip-cast in porcelain clay and decorated with oxides, waxes, pen and ink illustrations and sculptural birds.
  • AMANDA ROSS Amanda Ross
    Exquisitely detailed botanical prints on fabric made directly from plant cuttings, with complimentary ranges of stationary and tableware.
  • IAN RYLATT Ian Rylatt
    Creative, inventive and quirky ceramics, skillfully thrown and finely finished.
  • HANNAH SAWTELL Hannah Sawtell
    Illustrative artwork that observes the everyday - in particular portraits of women – with a warmth and vibrancy.
  • SEED Seed
    Bold, contemporary jewellery exploring material, surface and structure to create wearable statement pieces.
  • RUTH SINGER Ruth Singer
    Collected objects that are bound, wrapped, stitched and embellished reflecting on stories, places and memories.
  • LISA SLINN CERAMICS AND ILLUSTRATION Lisa Slinn Ceramics and Illustration
    Considered, playfully designed ceramics that re-invent traditional images and forms.
  • LINDA SOUTHWELL CERAMICS Linda Southwell Ceramics
    Ceramic forms informed by nature especially flora made using a combination of pinching, coiling, slab building and a few rudimentary tools.
  • RACHEL SMITH Rachel Smith
    Functional stoneware vessels thrown on the wheel, hand-printed and stenciled with mid-century modern inspired decals and bright contemporary colours.
  • SPOT AND DOT Spot and Dot
    Limited edition textiles and prints, hand-printed on organic and ethically grown and processed fibres and fabrics.
  • STUDIO 100 Studio 100
    A collaboration between two jewellers, Sally Collins and Drew Markou looking at the role of ornamentation, materials, scale and affordability.
  • SYSTEM G. System G
    Hand-crafted leather bags with a minimalist aesthetic.
  • EMILY THATCHER Emily Thatcher
    Hand-carved gemstones set in precious metals create sculptural jewellery with a simplicity of line and natural form.
  • DEBORAH TIMPERLEY Deborah Timperley
    Wall panels, mirrors, bowls and sculptures made using fused and cast glass with 23.5ct gold highlights.
  • SARAH TYSSEN Sarah Tyssen
    Scarves and blankets designed on a handloom and woven in a textile mill in Yorkshire inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.
  • TANJA UFER Tanja Ufer
    Unique silver and gold jewellery informed by unusual precious and semi-precious stones.
  • SHIRLEY VAUVELLE Shirley Vauvelle
    Earthenware, porcelain and found material vignettes impressed with textures, coloured with slips, oxides and underglazes.
  • LYNSEY WALTERS Lynsey Walters
    Colourful, handmade and industrial felt jewellery and accessories inspired by 1950s haberdashery shops.
  • KATE WELTON Kate Welton
    Functional hand-thrown ceramics decorated with abstracted images of gardening paraphernalia.


  • LAUREN BELL-BROWN Lauren Bell-Brown
    Ornately detailed metal and textile jewellery inspired by the Brothers Grimm dark fairy tales.
  • RACHEL BUTLIN Rachel Butlin
    Mixed material, wearable objects seeking to challenge the concepts of interactive and functional pieces.
  • AMBER COOPER-GREEN Amber Cooper-Green
    Tactile jewellery with an earthy colour palette, made from laminating and press forming hardwoods with acrylic and metal.
  • TOBY COTTERILL Toby Cotterill
    Often articulated jewellery inspired by the natural world and the process of making.
  • RUDI MORRIS Rudi Morris
    Unconventional materials alongside traditional processes create clay vessels that explore the ‘alchemy’ of the firing process.
  • HANNAH TOUNSEND Hannah Tounsend
    Ceramic vessels with worked surfaces that reference the tidal, weather-worn surfaces of the British Coastline.
  • BECKY WILLIAMS DESIGN Becky Williams Design
    Enamelled copper and steel decorative vessels and jewellery that explore the ideas of positive and negative space.


  • CARA BUDD Cara Budd
    Printed and structured stainless steel jewellery with minimal colour palette referencing the distortion of images.
  • NIGEL EAGLE Nigel Eagle
    Porcelain vessels focusing on shape and colour with a subtle nod to ‘Memphis style’.
  • HAYLEY GRAFFLIN Hayley Grafflin No website listed
    Jewellery that captures the beauty of the urban decay of eroded layers of paint, rust and soot.
  • EMILY HOWELL Emily Howell
    Miniature architectural jewellery made with wire and porcelain that reflect on the internal and external narratives of buildings.
  • ROBERT HUNTER Robert Hunter
    Strong, simple forms with textured surface detail decorated with glazes made from locally sourced organic material.
  • LOIS JANE Lois Jane
    Colourful jewellery drawing inspiration from the scenic coasts and harbours of the North East of Scotland.
  • ALICE JOHNSON Alice Johnson
    Ceramics, jewellery, textiles and homewares that explore our relationship with the natural world in a humorous, illustrative manner.
  • RUBY KIRBY Ruby Kirby
    Bright, tactile, fashion textiles and accessories with a surrealist theme that celebrate the human body.
  • DANIELLE LAURENT Danielle Laurent
    Ethical precious metals are used in a jewellery collection that is inspired by things that were used and loved by the people that came before us.
  • EMMA LYCETT Emma Lycett
    Hand-built porcelain objects and vessels informed by a sense of space and environment.
  • ANNA MANFIELD Anna Manfield
    A collection of playful wooden objects that can be mixed and matched to create unique interactive sculptures.
  • ANGIE PACKER Angie Packer
    Glass and metal combined to create fluid and expressive forms, often the only evidence of the metal are the ‘ghostly’ impressions left.
  • KARA TAYLOR Kara Taylor
    Hand-built vessels layered with glazes that reflect the natural environment in all its richness and unpredictability.