February Half Term 2020

Saturday 15 February - Sunday 23 February

Join us this February Half Term for a week full of fun activities to explore the curiosities of science, history, storytelling and art as part of Festival of Science and Curiosity. 

This will be a week of events designed to help young minds ask questions and take a leading role in finding out the answers.


  • Chloe and the Colour CatcherChloe and the Colour CatcherSunday 16 February, 1.30pm
    Chloe lives in a world with only one colour, and it is grey. At night, however, when she's wrapped up tight, her dreams are colourful and bright. Then Chloe tells of the vast blue seas, lush green trees and golden sands she's seen. Hushed at once by her old Grandma Magenta, Chloe is warned to keep such thoughts at bay – for her Grenesty The Colour Catcher is out to wash all trace of colour away...Find out more
  • Igloolady playing the violin smilingSunday 23 February, 11am, 12.45pm & 3.30pm
    Winter is almost over and it still hasn't snowed. Sometimes you don't get what you want, even when you're made to wait...Sometimes what you end up with is something even better...

    Join us for this playful experience filled with warmth, sensation and gentle exploration. Find out more


  • Comic Book ConversationsThe Snow QueenSaturday 15 February, 1.30pm-3.30pm
    Create your own comic book with illustration artist Francis Lowe. Use your own narratives and lived experiences to question the world we live in by creating your own cartoon characters and stories. Find out more
  • Build a Cardboard CitySnow Queen Sparkle WorkshopTuesday 18 February, 10am-12.30pm
    Calling all budding engineers! Using boxes, tape and recycled materials, design and create your own city of the future. Led by Associate Artist, Sian Watson. Find out more
  • Learn to Sew with Conductive ThreadThe Musicians of BremenWednesday 19 February, 10am-12noon
    Learn to combine the world of textiles with electronic compnents to create soft and flexible circuits. Stitch with conductive thread and integrate a felt landscape with LED lights. Basic hand sewing experience is recommended but not required. Find out more
  • Young Physicist for a DayAdventure Story MakingWednesday 19 February, 1.30pm-3.30pm
    Become a young physicist for the day. Cover topics from the world of physics, including: energy, forces, gravity, teleportation, wormholes, quantum physics to name a few – this class will be fill of discussions, maths, demonstrations and experiments. Find out more
  • From Lanscape to MonoprintThe Snow QueenThursday 20 February, 10am-12.30pm
    Spend time in the landscape looking at patterns from nature, then move to the studio to learn a range of printing techniques. Create colourful prints inspired by your time in the park. Find out more
  • Everyday Life in Roman MargidunumSnow Queen Sparkle WorkshopFriday 21 February, 11am-4pm
    Take part in everyday activities from the Roman period including dressing up, Roman hairstyles and Board Games. Then visit the Museum to find out more about the site of Margidunum including the opportunity to handle archaeological artefacts and develop your own archaeological drawings. Find out more