Dinosuars of China

Dinosaurs of China

Saturday 1 July to Sunday 29 October
Angear Visitor Centre, Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Admission Free
Open Tuesday – Sunday inclusive

In a unique partnership between Nottingham City Council and the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Lakeside Arts is thrilled to welcome the Dilophosaurus and an Alxasaurus to Lakeside as part of a world exclusive exhibition of Feathered dinosaurs. Experience an interactive exhibition which tells the story of paleo-art, and discover how science and art help us to figure out how dinosaurs may have looked. Become a Palaeontologist for a day, and investigate the revelation that birds are really dinosaurs. With free workshops for the whole family.

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Dinosaurs of China

Saturday 1 July to Sunday 29 October
Wollaton Hall

Tickets: Adult £7, Child £5, Under 5’s free
Book online: www.dinosaursofchina.co.uk/tickets
Open daily

Visit an amazing dinosaur exhibition never before seen outside of Asia: Dinosaurs of China at Wollaton Hall features 150 million year old fossils and full size dinosaur skeletons including the jaw-dropping Mamenchisaurus standing three double-decker buses high! The exhibition reveals how dinosaurs evolved into the birds that live alongside us today. Don't miss this once in a lifetime exhibition which includes fun activities for all the family in the Dino Explorer Zone. Visit www.dinosaursofchina.co.uk for full details.