Dinosuars of China

Dinosaurs of China


Family Dino Workshops

Summer School

Palaeo Talks and Film

The Art of Dinosaur Science

Saturday 1 July to Sunday 29 October
Angear Visitor Centre, Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Admission Free
Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5pm
Sunday - 12noon - 4pm

In a unique partnership between Nottingham City Council and the University of Nottingham, Nottingham Lakeside Arts is thrilled to welcome the Dilophosaurus and an Alxasaurus to Lakeside as part of a world exclusive exhibition of Feathered dinosaurs. Experience an interactive exhibition which tells the story of paleo-art, and discover how science and art help us to figure out how dinosaurs may have looked. Become a Palaeontologist for a day, and investigate the revelation that birds are really dinosaurs. With free workshops for the whole family.

Related Workshops & Events

Family Dino Workshops

As part of the Dinosaurs of China exhibition, Lakeside is pleased to present a programme of workshops and activities for all the family from July to October.

Unless otherwise specified, all workshops cost £5 per child, with free places for accompanying adults, with workshops taking place in the Angear Visitor Centre.

  • 224x224 Create Your Own Dinosaur Costume

    Saturday 1 July, 12noon-1.30pm & 2pm-3.30pm
    Make your own cardboard dinosaur costumes

  • 224x224 Fossil Making

    Sunday 2 July, 12noon-1.30pm & 2pm-3.30pm
    Be a fossil hunter for the day

  • 224x224 Dino Design

    Saturday 8 & Sunday 9 July, 12noon - 1.30pm & 2pm - 3.30pm, free drop-in
    Bring to life your own dinosaur using our virtual design app

  • 224x224 Under the Tail of the Diplodocus

    Saturday 22 July, 1-2pm & 3-4pm
    An interactive storytelling workshop

  • 224x224 Dino Builder

    Tuesday 25 July, 12noon-1.30pm & 2pm-3.30pm
    Build your own dinosaur with lego

  • 224x224 Bring Your Dino Toy Day

    Wednesday 26 July, 12noon-1.30pm & 2pm-3.30pm
    Bring your toy dino to Lakeside

  • 224x224 Raiders of the Lost Park

    Friday 28 July, 12noon-4pm, free drop in 
    A nature trail with an unexpected twist. 

  • 224x224 Be a Dinosaur Detective

    Tuesday 22 & Thursday 24 August, 12noon-1pm & 2-3pm
    Help us to solve a dinosaur mystery

  • 224x224 Shadow Puppet Dinos

    Saturday 2 September, 1pm - 3pm
    Create a wonderful story with dinosaur shadow puppets

  • 224x224 Dinosaur Sock Puppets

    Sunday 3 September, 2pm - 3.30pm
    Create the weirdest and most wonderful dinosaur puppet you can imagine

  • 224x224 Meet a Real Life Feathered Dinosaur

    Saturday 23 September, 2pm - 3.30pm, free drop-in
    Meet Dr David Fox and his Golden eagle, Star

  • 224x224 Dinos in 3D

    Thursday 26 October, 10am - 12.30pm, £8
    Make your own clay dinosaurs. 7-11 year olds

  • 224x224 Patterns in Fossils

    Thursday 26 October, 1.30pm - 4pm, £8
    Explore and make the texture and marks of fossils. 12-18 year olds

  • 224x224 Big Draw

    Friday 27 October, 11am - 4pm, free drop-in
    An annual drawing extravaganza - this year inspired by fossils. 

Summer School: Lost Valley of Dinosaurs

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. If you have reserved a place, please contact the Box Office on 0115 846 7777 to claim a refund. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Palaeo Talks and Film

A series of free hour-long talks with professional palaeontologists, connected to and inspired by the Dinosaurs of China: Ground Shakers to Feathered Flyers exhibition.

All talks start at 1pm in Lakeside’s Djanogly Theatre, will last for approximately 40 minutes, followed by Q&As. 

The Making of Dinosaurs of China
Monday 10 July, 1pm - 2pm

Palaeontology at Wollaton Hall: Swimming Plesiosaurs to Flying Dinosaurs
Thursday 13 July, 1pm - 2pm

Not Your Father's Pterosaurs: How Scientists are Reinterpreting Mesozoic Flying Reptiles
Tuesday 18 July, 1pm - 2pm

Dinosaurs in Wonderland: Victorian Artists and the Depiction of Extinct Animals 
Tuesday 8 August, 1pm - 2pm

Dinosaurs and Ichthyosaurs of Britain
Tuesday 12 September, 1pm - 2pm

Did T.rex Have Feathers?
Friday 29 September, 1pm - 2pm

Not Just Dinosaur Food: Understanding Mesozoic Plants and Ecosystems
Tuesday 3 October, 1pm - 2pm

The World's Most Accurate Dinosaur Reconstruction?
Tuesday 10 October, 1pm - 2pm 

Bones, Pickles and Fossils: Hidden Treasures at the University of Nottingham
Tuesday 17 October, 1pm - 2pm

How did a Dinosaur Turn into a Bird?
Tuesday 24 October, 1pm - 2pm

Saint Thomas Productions, Arte France and Rare Media present:
Saturdays from 8 July to 9 September: 11.15am & 2.30pm
Sundays from 9 July to 10 September: 2.30pm
Monday 10 and Thursday 13 July, and Tuesday 12 September: 11.15am

Dinosaurs of China

Saturday 1 July to Sunday 29 October
Wollaton Hall

Tickets: Adult £7, Child £5, Under 5’s free
Book online: www.dinosaursofchina.co.uk/tickets
Open daily

Visit an amazing dinosaur exhibition never before seen outside of Asia: Dinosaurs of China at Wollaton Hall features 150 million year old fossils and full size dinosaur skeletons including the jaw-dropping Mamenchisaurus standing three double-decker buses high! The exhibition reveals how dinosaurs evolved into the birds that live alongside us today. Don't miss this once in a lifetime exhibition which includes fun activities for all the family in the Dino Explorer Zone. Visit www.dinosaursofchina.co.uk for full details