Chinese New Year in Nottingham 2019

In 2019 Chinese New Year will celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Pig.

People born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, and 2019 fall under this auspicious sign. Some famous names who share this zodiac birthday include Hillary Clinton, Alfred Hitchcock, Julie Andrews, Stephen King, Emma Thompson and Henry VIII.

Zodiac Pigs are usually generous, kind-hearted, honest and trusting. They set a high value on friendship and are extremely popular.

Lucky numbers for pig people are 2, 5 and 8 or combinations of these numbers; lucky colours are yellow, grey and brown; and lucky flowers are hydrangeas, pitcher plants and the marguerite.

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This programme of events has been made possible with financial support and assistance from:


Arts & Crafts

  • Things from Home by Katrin MoyeViking: Rediscover the Legend exhibition
    Sat 12 Jan – Sun 17 Feb
    Wallner Gallery, Lakeside Arts
    A unique project by ceramicist Katrin Moye investigating our special relationships with objects of personal significance. Using descriptions by Chinese students of cherished things from home, Katrin has recreated those objects in ceramic form. A Gallery Tour of the exhibition will take place on 23 Jan at 1pm. Find out more
  • UKYA: YiYuan Tang Art Shake Danelaw Saga: Bringing Vikings Back to the East Midlands
    Sat 12 Jan - Sun 17 Feb
    Angear Visitor Centre, Lakeside Arts
    UK Young Artists City Takeover will immerse Nottingham in an array of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work from 200 artists from across the globe. As part of this exciting event, Lakeside is delighted to be hosting an exhibition of the work of young Chinese artists from Yiyuan Tang Art Shake. Find out more
  • Brush Painting WorkshopsExhibition talks
    Wed 30 - Thur 31 Jan, 6-8pm
    Visual Arts Studio, Lakeside Arts
    Open to anyone keen to learn about the beautiful traditional art of Chinese brush painting, this is an opportunity to try the ancient art under the instruction of Feng-Ru Lee. All materials are supplied. The session on 30 Jan will be for beginners, whilst the session on 31 Jan will be for those with some experience. Find out more
  • Drop in Arts and CraftsViking Activity Days
    Sat 9 Feb, 12noon-2pm
    Angear Visitor Centre, Lakeside Arts
    A chance to try traditional craft activities prior to Saturday's Gala performance. Find out more

Music & Theatre

  • Lao Can Impression Viking: Rediscover the Legend guest talk
    Fri 1 Feb, 7.30pm
    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    A co-production by Chinese Arts Now and Concert Theatre, Lao Can Impression fuses the music of Debussy with a dramatic adaptation of the classic story The Travels of Lao Can by the famous Chinese writer Liu. Liu’s story is about how Chinese people faced Westernisation at the beginning of the 20th century, and Lao Can continues that narrative in contemporary times. Find out more
  • Citizens of Nowhere? Viking: Rediscover the Legend exhibition
    Mon 4 Feb
    Djanogly Gallery Café, Lakeside Arts
    A funny and moving real-time live audio drama which invites the audience to eavesdrop on the British Chinese Lo family at a moment of conflict as they prepare for a family wedding. Writer’s Guild award-winning Ming Ho’s script explores generational and cultural identity clashes. Taking place in our Gallery Café, the actors will be seated among the audience who simultaneously experience their conversations through headphones. Find out more


  • Extravaganza (2018) Exhibition talks
    Wed 6 Feb, 3pm-6pm
    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    July, 2017. Drag queen Miss Jade has brought together 12 of the city’s drag performers for a one night show. Extravaganza takes you behind the scenes with the fiercest kings and queens in town. Matthew Baren makes films, collaborating on narrative and documentary projects in the UK, Hong Kong and China, exploring themes of socially constructed identity, life and death. Find out more
  • Be A Woman (2011) Viking Half Term Activities
    Wed 6 Feb, 6pm-8pm
    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    This documentary follows four drag queens of the ‘Only Love’ bar in Nanning over a span of three years to depict a touching and realistic perspective beyond flashy costumes, glamorous accessories, dazzling stage sets, and sensual dancing. Fan Popo is a gay film maker, writer and activist. He  graduated from the Beijing Film Academy and directs the China Queer Film Festival. Find out more
  • Yvo and Chrissy (2017)Viking Activity Days
    Thur 7 Feb, 2pm-3pm
    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    Yvo and Chrissy explores the alternative lives chosen by two English people who between them gave up an inheritance of £1m, several properties and a phallus to become a poet, writer, performer, diver and transgender traveller, film maker and musician respectively. The film looks at their witty, gloomy and humorous stories to inspire thinking on how social norms and movements interplay with identities, humanities and well-being. Find out more
  • Soundless Wind Chime (2009)Viking Activity Days
    Thur 7 Feb, 4pm-6pm
    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    Ricky works as a delivery boy whilst living with his prostitute aunt and is pickpocketed by a thief, Pascal, who himself is in an abusive relationship. The two begin a romantic relationship, and the film follows their journey, exploring the nature of love or co-dependence. The film was a Nominee for the Berlin International Film Festival’s Teddy Award. Kit Hung is an independent, award-winning film maker from Hong Kong. Find out more
  • The Lord of Milan Viking Activity Days
    Tue 29 Jan, 5pm & 7pm
    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    The Lord of Milan is Left Lion’s debut film documentary, about the life of Notts-born football pioneer Herbert Kilpin, acknowledged as the founder of AC Milan and said by some to be the “father of Italian football.” The film covers his life, from his early days growing up on Mansfield Road to him founding the club in Italy. The screening at 5pm will be for students only, whilst the screening at 7pm will be open to the public. Find out more

Special Events

  • Temple Fair Exhibition talks
    Sat 2 Feb, 11am-5pm
    Market Square, Nottingham
    Temple Fairs, also known as Miaohui, are Chinese cultural gatherings taking place during the Chinese New Year period. Temple Fairs were once held exclusively near temples, but now are held in a variety of locations. See and try out activities which regularly feature as part of China’s New Year celebrations. There will be arts and crafts including calligraphy, brush painting and paper cutting; storytelling, music and dance including the Chinese Dragon Dance as well as the chance to try out some authentic Chinese foods. Find out more
  • Nottingham Chinese New Year Gala 2019 Viking Half Term Activities
    Sat 9 Feb, 2.30pm & 7pm
    Sun 10 Feb, 2.30pm

    Djanogly Theatre, Lakeside Arts
    A kaleidoscope of fascinating performances by professional artists featuring Chinese Erhu, Guzheng and Bamboo Flute music, together with spectacular group-coordinated Kung Fu routines. Each act builds to create a multi-layered experience of both traditional and contemporary Chinese culture, providing the perfect way to welcome the Year of the Pig. Find out more
  • 7th Si Yuan Cup Table Tennis Tournament Viking Activity Days
    Sat 16 Feb, 9am-4pm
    David Ross Sports Village
    To celebrate Chinese New Year, table tennis players of all ages and ethnicities – beginners or advanced levels – are welcome to enter the tournament. Free taster sessions will also be on offer. To register or find out more, please visit Find out more