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Disappointment is Sue's middle name. Her mum had preferred Elizabeth, but was overruled by her dad, who had an altogether darker view of life. Ever had a dog that you loved? Did that dog die? Do you sometimes feel responsible for its death? Do you lie awake sometimes, in the chill of the night, thinking that there was more you could have done? If so, this show is not for you. She want laughers, not people sitting with their arms folded grieving about an animal they may or may not have had a hand in killing. Croydon's favourite bi-polar clown returns with her second solo show, dealing with the many ways life has fallen short and let us down. Plus special appearances from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Microsoft Paper Clip and a 98 year old homophobic grandmother. Book early to ensure disappointment. Please note this event has now sold out- call the Box Office for returns.