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After many years of being courted by top London publishers, Count Arthur Strong has, at last, decided to put pen to paper and produced his first volume of his sensational diaries of his he’s written, “Through It All I’ve Always Laughed”. Join him on his, ‘Book Launch Tour’, as he reads selected highlights out loud for all to hear. But as if that wasn’t enough he’ll also be turning the hands of Old Father Time’s clock back on itself, to recreate some of those wonderful old moments from his long and distinguished career you all know and love so much.. Reserve your copy now at the introductory never to be repeated repeated price of £7.99. "For sale typewriter - £6.50 ono. No time wasters please!" * * * * * “If there’s one must see on the fringe each year, it has to be Count Arthur Strong” The Independent “Aspiring character comics would do well to come worship at the altar of Count Arthur Strong” The Guardian “A genuinely agonizing, hilarious, intricately woven and bizarre creation” The Scotsman “Pure comic genius” The Telegraph Visit the Count's website!