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Cutting-edge ‘cellist Matthew Barley hops between genres, hemispheres and millennia in his staggering new programme - On the Road. Spanning nearly 1,500 years with music from all around the world, Barley performs improvisations on the hypnotic Central Asian folk music; Europe's timeless Gregorian Chants and covers four centuries of Classical Music with works by Gabrielli, Bach, Kodaly, Britten and African-influenced minimalist Steve Reich. Celebrating the present day, Barley grooves to a new electronic work by ex-Durutti Columnist John Metcalfe mixing live on computer, and adding his own cello lines before finishing with an invigorating new collaboration by DJ Bee and Peter Wiegold. ‘On the Road’ is a unique and transporting journey for performer and audience, bound together by the beautiful sonorities of the cello, and Barley’s charismatic stage presence. Sorry but this concert has now sold out.