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The Works in Progress programme will showcase 7 very different plays, providing a tantalising kaleidoscope of promising new talent.Hot, up-and-coming writers have each teamed up with professional actors and a director, who will bring their work to the stage in just a single day! TUESDAY 22 AUGUST 6pm 'Sunshine' by Declan Keen Two brothers held in a harsh interrogation centre are forced to confront not only the extremes of their captors but each other. WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST 6pm 'Red and White Angels' by Monika Johnson The story of two young girls growing up in 1980s Poland and their shared infactuation for a local boy. THURSDAY 24 AUGUST 6pm 'Silence' by Ivar Waldemarson A Jewish woman is invited to her friends birthday, soon she realises her friend's boyfriend is a Nazi and there is no escape. FRIDAY 25 AUGUST 2.30pm 'Family values' by Tracey Young Set in the midst of the Battle of Culloden in 1746, a pair of lovers from opposing sides decide to marry. 6pm 'Fish, chips and Mushy Peas' by Raj Karsandas Welcome to participatory Omnipotence TV where we take YOU beyond voyeuristic intrusion. SATURDAY 26 AUGUST 2.30pm 'Zig and More' by Maurine Auriol (Translated by Sarah Françoise) Set in the midst of war, two soldiers from opposing sides soon find common ground in their respective solitude. 6pm 'And This Little Piggy Had None' by Rob Stewart Bobby Walden has bitterly lived life in the shadow of his father, what will happen when he takes things into his own hands? To book please call the Box Office on 0115 846 7777. For a full description of events please go to