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If you think that writing for theatre is something you could do then have a look at our workshops programme, open to everyone and best of all they're free! TUESDAY 22 AUGUST 2.30-4pm Writing with Children With Sarah Stephenson, Education Officer at Nottingham Playhouse. 4.30-6pm Writing for Young People With Andrew Breakwell, Director of Roundabout at Nottingham Playhouse. WEDNESDAY 23 AUGUST 9.30-10.15am The Creative Click Rick Hall will introduce you to the characteristics of creative thinking as well as some techniques to unblock the flow of your creative juices! 10.30am-1pm Aristotle or Bust ...or how do we tell stories? What works on stage and why? (SOLD OUT) 2.30-4pm Working in Europe With playwright Nick Wood. 4-6pm Write a Play in Two Hours ...Exactly that! THURSDAY 24 AUGUST 9.30-10.15am The Creative Click See earlier description). 11am-1.30pm Later with Paines Plough This workshop will examine the dynamic between writer, performer and audience. 2.30-5pm Ears Wide Open Looking at the endless possibilities of writing for sound, led by BBC Drama Producer Kate Chapman. FRIDAY 25 AUGUST 9.30-10.15am The Creative Click (see earlier description). 11-1.30pm Adapting Your Work with Nottingham Playwright Amanda Whittington. SATURDAY 26 AUGUST 11am-1.30pm Pitch-a-Play-Idol Present a new idea for a play to a panel of artistic directors and dramaturges, who will then open the discussion to the floor. All places must be booked in advance by calling the Box Office on 0115 846 7777.