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Kraus Symphony in Eflat major Gavin Bryars Sub Rosa Arriaga Los esclavos felices Ives Central Park in the dark Stravinsky Pulcinella Suite In this intriguing programme, the University Philharmonia contrasts music by two classical composers highly regarded in their own lifetimes (but less familiar now) with classics of the twentieth century. Sometimes referred to as the "Swedish Mozart" - Kraus's Symphony in Eb is a vivacious work and full of unexpected turns. Had he lived beyond the age of 20 there can be little doubt that the Spanish composer Juan Crisostomo de Arriaga (1806-26) would have become one of the most celebrated composers of his time. Stravinsky's dazzling score for Pulcinella and Ives' Central Park in the dark are each, in their highly individual ways, iconic works of the twentieth century. The programme is completed with a short work by Gavin Bryars.