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Tuesday 12 March - Sunday 24 March, Various times
Outside DH Lawrence Pavilion

Theatre & Dance
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Tues, Thurs & Fri, timeslots from 3.30pm-7.15pm inclusive
Wed, Sat & Sun, timeslots from 12noon-7.15pm inclusive 
£9 (£5 students)
30 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 16+

ARCADE is the latest immersive audio experience from DARKFIELD. Using the nostalgic 8-bit aesthetic of 1980’s video games, ARCADE’s interactive narrative explores the evolving relationship between players and avatars.

In a completely dark shipping container, this choose-your-own-path experience will fully immerse the players in alternate environments using 360 degree binaural sound and sensory effects. 

In this experience, players guide their avatar through a world ravaged by endless war. Through a narrative of yes or no choices, you can choose a side, win or lose the war, search out a more peaceful route, or join a cult promising a better version of reality. Each path produces a different ending to your experience. 

Players will address deep existential questions about free will and consciousness in a world where some may win and some may lose.

How does it work? 

Players will be shown into a shipping container and stood in front of an arcade machine. The experience will be explained to you. You will be told to put on your headphones, and the lights will go out. From there, your imagination does all the work creating the visuals as the 360 degree binaural sound and sensory effects take you on the experience. 

Please be aware this show takes place inside a dark shipping container, and may not be suitable for those that are claustrophobic or of a nervous disposition. This show contains themes of war. This is a standing show, please contact our Box Office to request a seat.