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See all the headline shows... Random Acts, by Leah Chillery “Bet you’re glad you’re moving in now, with a stripper and an agoraphobe to call your flatmates.” Set in a grubby council flat on Hyson Green the story centres around Hugh and Charlotte, an unlikely couple living in sin. The zany pair are completely unaware that their cosy lives are about to change when the mysterious Faith arrives... A Background Noise, by Laura Lomas "My starting point was an article I read in the paper about a group of boys who had attacked a young Muslim at a bus stop. I wanted to explore the lives and relationships of these boys to see what would drive them to commit such acts of violence. Yet I found that the more I wrote the more the play seemed to be about the relationship between the boys rather than the attack..." Samuel’s Head on my Table, by Declan Keen Everyone throughout their life feels some kind of regrets eventually. It’s how we choose to live –do we cling to happiness when it passes by or do we brood upon the things that we should have done differently? Who knows? Sam’s Game, by Jake Brunger "Sam’s Game is in part a dramatisation of some of the fun I had in those carefree times, at the height of my adolescent years with the threat of adulthood creeping up on me. But I hope that underneath this playful exterior it is also the story of a beautiful friendship, first love and the sorrow that parting company brings." Find out more about Momentum