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See all these readings for just £5 (£3 concessions!) Semper Eadem, Alex Walsh The inspiration came from a memory of a few years back when I was sitting in Leicester’s town hall square. I was approached by two men asking for a cigarette. I still see the person who became Rictus walking about the city now and again. Vulture seems to have disappeared. Normal, Sarah Daoud My play ‘Normal’ was inspired by a news clip I came across on the internet, about three people who tried to burgle the same place. I though the piece was unusual and rather quirky and decided to do something with it for my play. Sweeping Fire, Caroline Bliemel What triggered my inspiration was a combination of a variety of issues: the psychology of human beings and their behaviour to one another; specifically if put together in a situation of no chance of escape; the forced entertainment of superficial small talk until the true intentions find their way to the surface. Inheritance, Josephine Burns A gripping psychological drama examing how the conditioning of our childhoods shapes us into the people we are today. A story of friendship, love and ultimately loss: can we really ever escape our making?