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See all these readings for £5 (£3 concessions!) What The Butler Didn’t Do, Becki Ellwood Inspired by the macabre style of Edgar Allan Poe and the writer's personal penchant for sarcasm, this is one dinner party you certainly wouldn’t want to attend. Duty of Care, Alex Mack In a potential just-future, where quantity of treatment is considered paramount to quality, a doctor struggles within the system for the sake of a patient – a confused, frightened young man, desperately trying to communicate. But if that patient could change the world, at what point does duty of care become responsibility of knowledge? Refitting, Charlie Sutton I remember this place, from my life before. Would you believe that before it was a bookshop, it was a chapel? I remember coming past with Ben, when they’d just started to convert it. Dog, Hannah Nicklin ‘Dog’ is about a lot of things, the end of the world, the death of god, nature, life… But it’s also about the small things, or rather, more private things, like two people sitting next to each other, and whether you prefer white or dark chocolate. Find out more about Momentum