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By Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding “Sublimely silly and screamingly funny” The Independent Terrified of scary movies? Stuck behind the sofa when the going gets gory? Then this show is for you! Award –winning comedy duo LipService (the makers of Very Little Women and Withering Looks) go multi-media in a hilarious cross-genre dash between theatre and film, where onstage characters come face to face with an assortment of horror movie stalwarts. Follow Maggie and Sue as a night with a DVD and a cup of cocoa becomes a journey through some of the scariest scenes in screen history. Meet Frankenstein, the bride of Frankenstein, the mother of the bride of Frankenstein… and she’s really scary. Ghouls will be ghouls! But by channel hopping, humming loudly with your fingers in your ears or watching it in Japanese, you can make it through the night. Warning: features occasional strong coffee and some scenes with bare knees. PG “(Maggie Fox and Sue Ryding)….only have to trade boss-eyed, open-mouthed glances to be pant-wettingly funny.” The Guardian Want to know more? Click away...