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Fringe First Winner – Edinburgh 2004 A magnetic tour de force performance by McKay, coupled with Jenkins’ elegant, erudite script meant that Rosebud was one of the hottest tickets at the 2004 Edinburgh Festival. This is a deliciously literate chronicle of the loves and lives of the boy genius who worked his way down having become the greatest film director of the 20th Century. Revisit the glories of Welles’ youth: the live newscast adaptation of The War of the Worlds, a black Voodoo Macbeth in Harlem, and the timeless classic Citizen Kane. Following his exile from Hollywood he emerges as a man of obstinate integrity. And if at times, esperate to raise finance for a project, he found himself waxing lyrical about Birds Eye Frozen eas – well, what the hell? “brilliant… a stellar production” The Daily Telegraph Written bu Mark Jenkins Directed by Josh Richards Performed by Christian McKay