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Chinese Arts Now in association with Theatre Royal York


Monday 10 February, 6pm & 8pm
Gallery Café

Theatre & Dance
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Suitable for ages 14+ (may contain some strong language)
Written by Joel Tan

You're in a bar, or is it a cafe, and you start catching snatches of conversation. An explosive encounter between the staff and a pushy customer, obnoxious mutterings from the table behind you, an anxious hand-wrangling conversation about something monumentally important.

Following last year’s brilliantly delivered debut audio theatre piece Citizens of Nowhere? by Ming Ho, Overheard reflects on belonging and identity as the cast explore what it means to be British and Chinese at a time of political and cultural upheaval. Wearing headphones, you’ll eavesdrop on the hopes and dreams, private politics, and secret desires of characters from across the Chinese diaspora as the drama unfolds around you; includes light refreshments.