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Wingshan Smith - Psychic Cards for Uncertain Terrain

Sunday 10 February, 10am-12pm (10 minute readings, 1 on 1)
Pavilion Café

Theatre & Dance
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A new global disorder has left many feeling numb and unsettled. In the aftermath of the American Presidential election, Brexit, the dissolution of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution as well as an on-going world refugee crisis, dreams of progression seem less achievable than ever.

Psychic Cards for Uncertain Terrain: Nottingham is one half of a two-part interactive project that invites anxious viewers to have their futures read by a very specific deck of tarot cards.

The deck is formed of instant photographs taken in 2018 around and within Nottingham featuring street life, private life, and the people who live here. This work explores the mystic aura of the object and the indexicality of an image as it seeks to challenge notions of regional identity, city planning, and personal destiny.

10 minute readings, 1 on 1 (10am, 10.15am, 10.30am, 10.45am, 11.15am, 11.30am, 11.45am)
Suitable for ages 16+
Readings will take place upstairs in the Pavilion Café - please wait at the bottom of the stairs and you will be collected for your reading.

Presented as part of the UK Young Artists City Takeover