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Lao Can Impression

Performed in Mandarin with English Subtitles 

Directed by An-Ting Chang 

Designed by Wang Jing 

A co-production by Chinese Arts Now and Concert Theatre, Lao Can Impression fuses the music of Debussy with a dramatic adaptation of the classic story ‘The Travels of Lao Can’ by the famous Chinese writer Liu. Debussy’s music was inspired by Eastern culture - his father owned a China shop - and in ‘Lao Can’ three professional musicians (piano, flute, cello), perform live onstage with two actors. Liu’s story is about how Chinese people faced Westernisation at the beginning of the 20th century, and ‘Lao Can’ continues that narrative in contemporary times.

80 minutes (no interval)
Suitable for ages 12+

‘Liu met Debussy on the stage – a beautiful encounter and a clever blend’
Anniel Hao, Pareviews